What Is A Portable Power Station

The Souop portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with AC outlets, DC carports and USB charging ports, they can charge all your devices, from smartphones and laptops to CPAP and home appliances such as mini coolers, electric grills and coffee machines.

Our modern lifestyle powers many everyday tools and gears based on electricity needs.

A good backup power option is undoubtedly very important. The Souop portable power station is designed in consideration of indoor and outdoor needs. It is a rechargeable battery-powered generator that can be used for smartphones, laptops, cameras, drones, and CPAP. Machines and household appliances such as mini coolers, electric grills and coffee machines provide stable power. The battery generator can meet various power needs for outdoor use such as family emergency, travel, fishing, RV/Van camping, etc.

The Souop power station can be used while charging. Take your Souop portable power station and enjoy your outdoor life.

Pros and Cons

Since the solar generator is portable and can be charged anywhere in the sun, it is the perfect power source to carry with you no matter you are going camping or living in an RV life. Due to bad weather or power outages, it can also be a good backup power source for emergency situations at home.

However, solar generators also have limitations. They have low wattage and slow charging speed. It cannot run all large equipment at once in a long period of time.

How to choose a portable power station?

The reasons for buying a portable power station vary from person to person, so before deciding to buy it, you should understand your purpose and what activities you want to accomplish with a solar generator.


Most generators on the market advertise their capacity in units of “watt-hours,” which is an indicator of electricity usage over a period of time. For example, the OUPES 600W portable power station has a power of 595 watt hours, which means it can power a 500 watt device for more than 1 hour, or a 1 watt gadget for 595 hours.


To choose the right size solar generator according to your needs, remember the battery capacity and power requirements to avoid overload. Most solar generators can keep portable electronics, smart phones, tablet computers, small appliances, and cordless tools continuously powered for several hours. However, you may need a separate generator to keep the refrigerator running all day.

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