The Usefulness Of Solar Generators – Company Group Camping

Last Friday, our company ushered in a group camping event. Before the official launch of the new 2400W solar generator, we went out camping with our new product.

This event is to thank every employee for their efforts in the R&D, production and sales of the company’s products. The advantages and disadvantages of previous models of solar generators, as far as possible to present the best products to customers.

The sun today is very good, our little friends are already in place, and they are busy.

Our little buddies are using our products to cook food for us in machines such as griddles.

2400W Solar Generator for oven

There are also friends who are arranging our scenes and food.

company group camping

The next thing we do is enjoy the food we cook with our products.

In the wild, our tent has been set up, and the night falls, doesn’t it match the beautiful lights? Our solar generators can not only support low-power electronic products, such as lanterns, mobile phones, computers, etc., but also supply high-power machines, such as stereos, ovens, refrigerators, etc.

solar generator for lanterns

The whole event lasted until the night, and our solar generators still powered normally. During this period, we were not troubled by insufficient power supply.

The 2400W solar generator’s ability to store electricity is very powerful.

Don’t you need one?

The 2400W solar generator is perfect for outdoor camping.

Outdoors, you can use two 220W solar panels to charge the 2400W portable power station, which can support both charging and power supply, and there will be no conflict between charging and power supply.

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