SOUOP S5 Portable Power Station Kit Can Meet Larger Power Demands

portable power station S5

SOUOP has now launched the S5 portable power station product, with a power of 5000W, which can solve major power needs. What is more noteworthy is the launch of a portable energy storage battery pack specially designed to charge the S5 portable power station at the same time. When the S5 portable power station runs out of power, it can replenish the power for you in time. Although the machine is huge, it still maintains convenience, so it can still be taken out for off-grid vacations.

The new SOUOP kit makes it easy to choose the backup power supply that fits your needs and budget. If you want unlimited emergency power, you can equip it with a portable energy storage battery pack. Compared to noisy gas generators, the SOUOP’s zero noise, and no emissions, the kit requires no maintenance and can also help reduce your daily energy bills.

The kit is built around SOUOP’s S5 power station, featuring a 5040Wh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery capacity and up to 7000W AC output. Our recent review of a SOUOP-equipped 220W Folding Solar Panel showed that the solar generator was capable of regularly charging an RV, off-grid pod, e-bike, and a host of gadgets during a week-long road trip.

The SOUOP S5 Portable Power Station is a portable power station you can push on wheels into your kitchen to charge your fridge, along with a few other devices like your phone, laptop, lamp, and maybe a space heater or microwave. The S5 Portable Power Station charges in 2.5 hours from a wall outlet and supports solar input. 5000W is enough to power almost any heavy-duty household appliance, including washers and dryers.

S5 Portable Power Station VS Traditional Gas Generator

Of course, you can also opt to plug a traditional 9000W gas generator into your home’s electrical outlets and keep it old-fashioned for under $1,500. But they are noisy and messy, release toxic substances into the environment, and therefore cannot be used indoors, whereas SOUOP’s solution is quiet and clean, and can even save you money when combined with SOUOP solar panels.

EPS Function

In the power-on state, the device supports the EPS (emergency backup power) function. When the AC charging cable is connected to the grid and the AC input port of the product, the appliance can use the AC output port of the product to work (at this time, the AC power comes from the grid instead of the battery), when the grid suddenly loses power, this product can automatically switch to the battery power supply mode of this product within 20ms.

That’s where the SOUOP S5 Portable Power Station Kit comes in. It builds on the base kit and includes a SOUOP solar panel for planned use during peak hours and is switched on and off in an emergency.

5 Charging Methods

Maybe you are still hesitating, but you don’t need to. The S5 portable power station has 5 charging methods to meet your power storage needs in various situations.

  1. AC charging

Use the standard AC charging cable to charge the device, and connect it as shown in the figure. At this time, the input power reading appears on the screen, and the device starts charging. It can support up to 2000W fast charging, and the device can be fully charged in about 2.5 hours.

  1. Solar charging

Use the accessories “Anderson to MC4 adapter cable” x 1 and “MC4 to 7909 adapter cable” x 6 to connect the standard solar panel to the device, up to 6 standard solar panels can be connected, and it takes about 3.5H to fully charge.

  1. Car charger

This product can be charged with the car charging port on the car. This product supports 12V car charger charging, and the charging current is 8A. It is necessary to use the car charger to charge after the car is started, so as not to cause the car battery to lose power and fail to start. At the same time, make sure that the car charger port and the cigarette lighter of the car charger input line are in good contact. The company shall not be liable for any loss caused by non-compliance with the standard operation.

  1. Charging with charging gun

The device can be charged with an AC charging cable (car charging pile/portable charging cable). Connect the charging power to this product, and the input power reading will appear on the screen, then the device will start charging, and it will take about 2.5 hours to fully charge the device.

  1. Charging with power pack

A maximum of one power pack can be connected to this device. Connect the device and the battery pack with the power pack cable that is specially designed for the product.
When the input power reading appears on the screen, the device starts charging.

Intelligent Control

The S5 portable power station can be controlled by an APP, and when connected to our exclusive APP, the use of the product can be intelligently controlled.

The device has three connection methods: Bluetooth connection, device Wi-Fi hotspot connection, and IoT connection.

When the App establishes a Bluetooth connection or a Wi-Fi hotspot connection with the device, you can view the real-time status of the device through the App, and wirelessly control and manage the device. The device also provides users with an advanced device connection method: IoT connection. On the basis of establishing a Bluetooth connection or a Wi-Fi hotspot connection between the mobile app and the device, you can set the device to join your Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, and at the same time, the connection becomes an Internet of Things connection. Now users can use the App to control and manage the device anytime, anywhere.

The S5 products are so complete that they can meet family use and out-of-travel use, which can support basic electricity needs. We are a convenient power station manufacturer with our own factories and support customization. If you have this need or want to know more about our products, send information to our mailbox at any time, and we will get it the first time when we receive it. Reply to you.

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