SOUOP launches the latest 4000W portable power station

SOUOP’s First 4000W Portable Power Station

SOUOP’s Portable Power Station 4000W has been officially launched at SOUOP.

4000W portable power station new product launched
4000W portable power station new product launched

Since the establishment of the brand in 2019, SOUOP has been committed to developing and producing portable power stations and has successfully launched the SOUOP capacity series: 600W/1200W/1800W/2400W.

The 4000W portable power station is currently the largest capacity product of SOUOP.

SOUOP CEO Martin Ma has a vision. He once said: “We should be committed to bringing clean energy into people and families. While social development, environmental protection should not be left behind.” “Portable power stations are only our first step towards clean energy. In the future, we will continue to There are many clean energy products, and we will continue to develop and produce clean energy.”

Integrate into the family

Its output power is 4000W (peak value is 7000W) and its capacity is 5040Wh, which can power most household appliances, including refrigerators, microwave ovens, TVs, etc.

Battery management system

Battery management system with overcharge/overcurrent protection. The integrated LiFePO4 battery has a cycle count of up to 2500 and a lifetime of up to 10 years.

4 charging methods

The battery can be charged in four different ways – solar panel; AC/DC adapter; car charger; AC+DC dual charge; fast photovoltaic charge; (using 400W solar charger) can be fully charged in 5-5.5 hours.

Product Specifications:

  • Item Weight: 110.23l lbs
  • Aviation export
  • power button
  • 6×AC output
  • Wireless charging
  • USB-A
  • Output USB-A 18W
  • 12V DC charging port
  • DC 5521 output
  • Output PD100W


SOUOP 4000W portable power station can now be ordered on SOUOP’s official website and Alibaba

In addition, SOUOP is looking for partners to promote products to various countries together. Anyone can buy and recommend others to buy our products, whether it is an individual or a company purchase, we are very welcome to come to inquire about sales.

Company Profile

SOUOP started with LED lights, has more than 10 years of experience in brand operation, and its business covers North America, Southeast Asia, the European Union, and other countries.

In addition to the newly launched 4000W portable power station, it has taken a further step into the field of clean energy.

SOUOP has its own factory, high-tech solar product R&D team, and production team, and has successfully mass-produced and supplied domestically and abroad.

For more B2B information on SOUOP, please visit Continue to visit the SOUOP online website.

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