SOUOPEnters The Outdoor Portable Power Station Market

The energy storage power industry is upgraded again, SOUOP enters the outdoor portable power station market

In recent years, energy storage technology has continued to develop, and many technologies have entered the commercial demonstration stage, and have shown certain economics in some fields. Electrochemical energy storage technologies represented by lithium batteries, lead-acids, and liquid flow continue to develop and mature, and the development of energy storage has gradually been incorporated into the national strategic plan. Positive, coupled with the impact of the overall consumption upgrade, the energy storage industry market has begun to develop on a large scale in the past two years, showing a trend of mushrooming.

As a rising brand in the energy storage industry, SOUOP has been dedicated to the energy storage power supply industry for many years. Today, with the rapid development of the energy storage industry, its parent company, Shenzhen Weipeng Shiji Technology Co., Ltd. (WeledPower), was established in 2008. With the spirit of focus, professionalism and concentration, after 13 years of development, it has deeply cultivated the LED industry and has become a leading brand in the LED industry. As an independent operating brand, SOUOP portable power station also adheres to the rigorous R&D and production attitude of “safety first, customer first”. , to provide users with safe and reliable outdoor power supply from the aspects of product safety and quality, purchase guarantee and so on. At the same time, SOUOP outdoor power supply hopes to help the industry to improve the quality of outdoor power supply, create the industry standard of outdoor power supply, and contribute to enriching everyone’s outdoor life and improving everyone’s happiness.

Product positioning outdoor scene – providing outdoor power solutions

outdoor portable power supply

With the advent of the 5G era, the short video live broadcast and other industries have developed rapidly. Electricity has become a hot word in addition to wifi. How to ensure travel without electricity panic has become an important growth point for the development of the industry. According to Ctrip’s “2019 National Day Self-driving Travel Report”, in the first half of 2019 alone, 280 million people chose to travel by car. According to information from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the National Day period, the keyword search popularity for “self-driving travel” increased by 35%, and 30.57% of tourists chose to travel by car. Under the dual forces of market demand and consumption upgrades, the demand for outdoor power supplies has also increased. The forward-looking SOUOP began to develop outdoor power supplies very early; in 2020, SOUOP’s first portable and environmentally friendly outdoor power supply was successfully launched. , is a major breakthrough in the development of the outdoor power supply industry, which can meet people’s urgent needs for power outdoors, such as outing cooking, camping night lighting, drone flight, outdoor photography, projection, etc. At present, SOUOP outdoor power supply is aimed at outdoor power consumption scenarios. There are different power capacity products to meet the needs of outdoor work and leisure life.

Safety and quality first – electricity safety becomes the first standard

Whether it is a portable mobile power supply or a new energy vehicle power supply, there have been accidents. For outdoor power supplies, the priority should be safety. SOUOP does not dare to slack off in terms of electricity safety. SOUOPoutdoor power supplies use environmentally friendly LiFePO4 battery, charge and discharge The cycle life is 66% longer than that of ordinary power cells, 13 safety protection functions, 9 quality inspection processes, and the output power conversion is 5-10% higher than the industry, including DC-DC 95%, DC-AC 85% modules ; Electronic and mechanical dual protection to avoid dangers such as overcharge and discharge, short circuit, intelligent temperature control system, automatically adjust the charge and discharge temperature, prolong the life of the machine. Secondly, the SOUOP outdoor power supply has been upgraded on the interface, supports AC interface, USB interface, car charging port, and is equipped with an LCD screen, which can display the power and power at a glance. At the same time, the LED lighting function is added, and it can also be used as a photo device at night outdoors or when the home is powered off.

Portable Power Station

The SOUOP outdoor power supply 1200W can supply power for 220V/7W lighting for about 90 hours, 65W car refrigerator for about 29 hours, 1000W projector for about 9 hours, and 12-inch Mac Book for 20 times. Because its pure sine wave output waveform is the same as the mains, it can be compatible with a variety of devices and will not damage the device. Digital cameras, small household appliances, and photographic equipment carried in out partying, self-driving tours, and outdoor camping scenes are unmanned. All electronic devices and equipment such as computers can be charged and used with an outdoor power supply of 1200W.

Products insist on coming from users to users

SOUOP has also been actively advocating the spirit of “going out”, encouraging people to go out of their homes and into nature, to constantly “charge” themselves in terms of knowledge, experience and vision, and to listen to the voice of outdoor users from energy to “core”, for travelers. Our walkie-talkies, mobile phones, cameras, computers, drones, etc. provide SOUOPbackup outdoor power supply to solve the outdoor power consumption problem of travelers, so that they can enjoy no power outage during the trip. SOUOP also hopes to make people aware of the importance of self-charging through brand aggregation. SOUOP provides a new guarantee for my country’s self-driving travel, outdoor activities and hobby travel, and has done a positive in improving people’s quality of life and enriching people’s spare time. Advocacy role.

As a new brand of outdoor power supply, SOUOP outdoor power supply hopes to provide users with a richer outdoor life experience through different types of outdoor power supplies.

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