S5 Portable Power Station

The S5 Portable Power Station is a high-end fashion off-grid energy storage power product, light and portable, stylish and elegant; using automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate battery, safe, reliable, and durable; providing 120V/20V, 15V, 12V, 9V, 5V AC and DC output, suitable for various equipment such as aerial drones, portable ventilators, medical equipment, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, small printers, various lamps, small fish tanks, photographic equipment, electric balance unicycles, etc. Convenient for users to travel at home, outdoor work, camping and picnic, mountaineering adventure, etc.








S5 Features

S5 power station 5000W
  • Output up to 16 devices
  • UPS Function
  • Fast Charging 2 H to 100%
  • Extra Battery to 10.08KWh
  • LiFePO4 Battery 3600 + Cycles
  • PV Charging
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Output
  • APP Smart Control
  • 7 Protection Management System
  • Accept OEM and ODM


[Perfect capacity]: The S5 Portable Power Station is the mobile power supply with the strongest energy storage capacity of SOUOP, with a larger capacity of 5040Wh (48V; 105Ah); it is also equipped with an excellent battery management system (BMS), through temperature control, voltage protection, overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection functions to protect the device.

[LiFePO4 battery power supply]: Compared with other lithium batteries, one of the important advantages of LiFePO4 batteries is thermal stability and chemical stability, which can improve battery safety. The lithium iron phosphate battery provides 2500 cycles and a battery life of more than 12 years for the SOUOP portable power station.

[Supply power to 16 devices at the same time]: S5 Portable Power Station powerful output up to 16 devices. Fully meeting the needs of your travel charge. Don’t be fooled by its small size! And SOUOP outdoor solar power station super algorithm intuitively reminds the users of the remaining working time. This all-in-one power station is very suitable for outdoor gatherings, camping, and when the home is out of power.

[Outdoor Backup Power] : Convenient design – 50kg, with wheels at the bottom, can be dragged and moved with a sturdy handle, easy to move. Great for long days outdoor camping.

Technical Specification

More Power, Less Panic

Don’t let losing power take you completely off the grid. Your fully charged SOUOP Power can extend the runtime of these appliances (and more) :

5000W portable power station new product launched
Tablet PC

30Wh Tablet PC
 160 times


60Wh Drone
79 times


10W Light
 498 hours

Electric Frying Pan

1200W Electric Frying Pan
3.3 hours


1300W Microwave
3 hours


500W Washer
8 hours

Mini Cooler

120W  Refrigerator
33.3 hours

Hair Dryer

1600W Hair Dryer
2.5 hours


398 hours

Coffee Maker

1000W Coffee Maker
4 hours


110W TV
36 hours


40W Ventilator
98 hours

Perfect For

In this age of electronic products, it is difficult for us to live without electricity, so a convenient power station is a perfect existence.

portable outdoor power station 5000W
  • Extended power outages during storm season and shelter-in-place orders.
  • Outdoor work.
  • Emergencies in the event of a brief store power outage.
  • For long-term camping and long-distance travel.

APP Remote Control

7 Protection Smart Battery Management System
Fast Charge Power up 2500W

S5 portable power station comes with APP function

Recharge Methods

A variety of charging methods, no matter what the situation can effectively store electricity

AC Charging

AC Charging

Use the standard AC charging cable to charge the device and connect it asshown in the figure. When a reading appears on the input power on thescreen, the device starts to charge. lt can support fast charging up to2500W, and the device can be fully charged in about 2 hours.

Solar Charging

solar panel charging

Use the accessories 1 pcs Anderson-MC4 cable and 6 pcs MC4-7909cables to connect the standard solar panel(up to 6 standard solar panels)with the device, and it will be fully charged in about 3.5H.


1. The solar charging cable (MC4-Anderson cable) and solar panel need tobe purchased extra by yourself.

2. When using the matching solar panel to charge this product, pleaseconnectit according to the user manual.

3. Before connecting the solar panel, please confirm that the output opencircuit voltage of the solar panel is within 150V to avoid damage to the product.

Charging Gun Charging

Charging Gun Charging

Use AC charging gun (car charging station/portable charging gun) tocharge this product. Connect the charging gun to the product, and the inputpower reading appears on the screen, the device starts to charge, and thedevice is fully charged in about 2.5H.


The charging gun need to be with US-standard charger, and pleasepurchase extra by yourself if needed.

Power Pack Charging

S5 portable power supply

Power pack(up to one) can be connected to this product. Use the product-specific power pack cable to connect the product and the battery pack, andthe device starts to charge when a reading appears on the input power onthe screen.


1. Please make sure that both the product and the power pack are turned offBefore connecting the power pack to this product.

2. After this product is connected to the power pack, make sure that the LCDdisplay of this product shows the input power, and then start to use.

3. Do not directly connect or remove the power pack during the charging and discharging process.lf you need to connect or remove the power pack whenusing, please turn off the power before operating.

4. Do not use your hands or other objects to touch the metal terminals at theconnection port of the power pack . lf there are foreign objects attached tothe metal terminals, please lightly wipe with a dry cloth.

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