Our Products​

The combination of portable power stations and solar panels is more environmentally friendly, and we provide OEM and ODM services.

SOUOP Solar Generator

SOUOP Solar Generator is a combination of solar panels and any SOUOP rechargeable portable power station to create a solar power system. Store solar energy in the LiFePO4 battery in the station to charge all your equipment, which is very suitable for off-grid power and emergency backup power.

SOUOP Portable Power Station

SOUOP’s innovation and improved technology can provide you with the power you need anytime, anywhere. SOUOP is a solar portable power station designed to provide the power you need for your mobile life and outdoor life.

SOUOP Portable Solar Panel

SOUOP solar panels can be folded and bundled for easy carrying and use. The goal of solar panels is to convert as much sunlight as possible into clean energy, and SOUOP’s panel efficiency is 23.7%. This is one of the highest in the industry.

SOUOP Carrying Bag

A carrying bag specially designed for SOUOP 600W, 1200W and 1800W portable power stations. Waterproof and durable, fully protect your precious power station, maintain a long service life and good condition.

SOUOP Roll Cart

This roll cart features go-anywhere wheels and a retractable handle with a quick one-handed button operation on top.