Portable Power Station Helps New Development of Outdoor Economy

At the beginning of 2020, the “black swan” of the epidemic struck, and all walks of life were affected to varying degrees. Affected by the epidemic, people’s working methods and living and consumption habits have quietly changed. Consumption trends such as safe travel and outdoor activities are on the rise, and “short-distance self-driving”, “picnic camping”, “outdoor live aerial photography”, and “street stall economy” have become booming.

The rise of such consumption habits has put forward higher requirements for portable power, which directly promotes the market development of high-power and large-capacity portable outdoor portable power supplies equipped with 220V AC output ports that can power multiple devices at the same time. Souop’s outdoor portable power station, which provides safe power solutions for outdoor work, leisure and entertainment, takes the opportunity to highlight its unique value, like a “species explosion”, which has become the standard for self-driving tours for middle-class people in a short period.

The emergence of outdoor portable power station has revolutionized the way of outdoor power consumption

The portable power station, built-in high-energy-density LiFePO4 battery, long cycle life; multi-function output interface can match the main electronic equipment on the market, large capacity, high power, safe and portable is compared with small mobile power station and fixed Unique advantages of the grid.

outdoor portable power station

In the past, the solutions for outdoor power consumption mainly included lead-acid batteries, inverters, and small oil-burning generators. Diesel generators have the advantages of high energy conversion and high thermal efficiency, but they are noisy and emit a lot of exhaust gas, which is not in line with the development trend of modern energy; lead-acid battery raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain, but they are too bulky and easy to cause environmental pollution. was eliminated; inverters have been criticized for potential safety hazards. The overall performance of the outdoor portable power station is more stable and reliable, and it has the characteristics of easy operation, low noise, and easy maintenance. It is gradually becoming the mainstream outdoor power solution.

In Europe, America, Australia, Japan, and other countries, the outdoor portable power station market is relatively mature. In the United States, people are very enthusiastic about outdoor recreation. Camping, fishing, hunting, cross-country, surfing, rock climbing, and cycling are the most common outdoor sports. Outdoor sports are often places with slightly harsh living conditions. Therefore, when outdoor enthusiasts buy sports equipment, in addition to the necessary shoes and clothing, special sports equipment and outdoor auxiliary tools are also very important. Sports watches, no Human-machine, outdoor portable power stations, etc. have always been the hottest items of outdoor equipment consumer goods.

In addition, in the United States and Japan, natural disasters such as hurricanes, heatwaves, and earthquakes occur frequently, and power outages due to weather occur from time to time. Outdoor portable power supplies are commonly used as emergency backup power supplies for households and are also well known by the majority of users.

In China, it has only been two or three years since the outdoor portable power station entered the market. Due to its advantages of safety, portability, high efficiency, and environmental protection, it is widely used in aerial photography, surveying and mapping exploration, mobile medical treatment, self-driving travel, picnic camping, entertainment, and other fields.

Outdoor life has become a new hot spot for middle-class people, Souop outdoor portable power station ushered in an explosion

With the advent of the era of big outdoors and big health, more and more people are going outdoors to pursue a quality life. In 2020, Souop will develop and produce a lithium battery outdoor portable power station that can be charged with solar energy to meet people’s urgent demand for electricity during outdoor activities. In 2020, the Souop Outdoor Portable Power station 600W was launched, and the Souop 1200W Outdoor Portable Power station, Souop 1800W Outdoor Portable Power station, and other products were launched successively, providing an integrated solution for outdoor power consumption.

Souop outdoor portable power station can charge drones, digital cameras, laptops, gamebooks, car refrigerators, small kitchen appliances, and other equipment, solving the power problems of outdoor entertainment, living and office, and emergency starting vehicles.

In recent years, the vigorous development of photography, live broadcast, and video self-media has also brought a broad market to Souop outdoor portable power supplies. Traveling and shooting Vlogs has become the most common way of recording life. Douyin and Kuaishou have driven the trend of national live broadcasts, and video from the media has sprung up. Souop outdoor portable power station can provide power station for photography equipment, becoming a favorite among photography enthusiasts ” Electric Nurse”.

As we all know, the use of UAVs has always been restricted by the endurance of UAVs. Ordinary lithium battery small UAVs generally have a battery life of only 15-30 minutes. At present, those with a wheelbase of more than 50cm can achieve about 40 minutes. But this is far from enough for long-duration air flight demands. Carrying too many spare batteries will increase the cost, and the Souop outdoor portable power station 1000S can charge the Royal 1st generation drone about 19 times, which solves the problems of short battery life and high electricity cost during the use of the drone.

Application in the energy storage industry, Souop outdoor portable power station to enhance the efficiency of outdoor operations

In the field of outdoor operation power, Souop outdoor portable power station has been maturely used in agricultural plant protection, border patrol, power grid maintenance, field surveying and mapping, fire rescue, military outdoor operations, and other fields. Souop outdoor portable power station can provide mobile power support for circuit maintenance, power failure, and emergency power consumption.

Souop outdoor portable power station has many uses. For example, Souop outdoor portable power station also plays a big role in the use of electricity for outdoor operations such as forestry management and pastoral life. In Sichuan-Tibet pastoral areas, Souop outdoor portable power station and solar panels provide solutions for the daily electricity problem caused by frequent migration of herdsmen in nomadic areas: Souop outdoor portable power station, which is portable and easy to store, supplies power to small household appliances and lighting equipment. At the same time, the Souop solar panel supplements the Souop outdoor portable power station when the light is sufficient, increasing its outdoor battery life.

Safety first, Souop outdoor portable power station high standards adhere to product quality

Portability, high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection are the development directions of energy storage, and when choosing an outdoor portable power station, safety is the fundamental determining factor.

In terms of electrical safety, Souop outdoor portable power station adopts a LiFePO4 battery, which has a long service life and a high capacity. The self-developed intelligent temperature control and heat dissipation system actively dissipate heat with temperature changes and maintains a low-temperature state; it is equipped with multiple safety protections to avoid dangers such as overcharge and discharge, short circuits, etc. The intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the charge and discharge temperature and prolongs the life of the machine. At the same time, the fuselage adopts a PC+ABS fire-resistant shell, which is shock-resistant, drop-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has excellent high-temperature insulation to avoid the danger of electric leakage.

Seize the trend of “outdoor economy + clean energy” – Souop outdoor portable power station leads the portable power station market

portable power station series

The data shows that the global portable generator market size was US$2 billion in 2019 and will reach US$2.5 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period. The market is set to grow further due to the increasing demand for emergency power due to power outages related to disaster climates and the growing demand for outdoor power with self-driving travel.

Considering the disadvantages of generators in terms of environmental protection and integrity, the big cake in the outdoor power market will be inclined to clean, efficient, safe, and portable outdoor portable power supplies. With the continuous reduction of energy storage costs, especially the substantial reduction of battery costs, the economy of energy storage costs has become increasingly prominent, and the outdoor portable power station market will usher in a greater explosion.

Thanks to the vigorous development of activities such as self-driving camping and outdoor adventure, Souop outdoor portable power station has achieved good results at home and abroad in the past two years. Its overseas brand Jackery has long ranked first in the market share of Amazon’s outdoor portable power station. In the United States, Jackery’s Amazon market share was as high as 36% in 2019; in Japan, Jackery’s market share has also ranked first for a long time.

In 2020, Souop launched the outdoor portable power station category, aiming to promote the rapid development of the outdoor portable power station industry from the consumption and market side. At present, the outdoor portable power station has formed a great influence in the self-driving tour circle, the automobile circle, and the RV circle.

In the long run, as a new generation of outdoor power solutions, the outdoor portable power station is still in the early stage of development, but the strong market demand will inevitably make its industrial ecology extremely rich, which is very convenient and safe for outdoor power consumption. It is necessary, and it is also of great significance to expand the scale of the outdoor portable power station industry and reduce the cost of outdoor power consumption. As an industry leader, Souop outdoor portable power station, which has been focusing on a safe portable power stations for 16 years, will continue to promote new changes in the industry while achieving development, empower the growth of China Mobile’s portable energy industry chain, and provide users with safe and portable power support.

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