Portable Power Station Fast Charge S series

S series products are the latest energy storage power supply launched by SOUOP, which are more suitable for high-power electrical appliances and household use.

S5 Portable Power Station / 5000W

S5 portable power station is a high-end fashion off-grid energy storage power product, light and portable, stylish and elegant, can be used in series with portable energy storage and power packs, convenient for users to travel at home, outdoor work, camping, picnic, mountaineering adventure, etc.


S3 Portable Power Station / 3600W

S3 portable power station is the latest product developed by our company in the S series. It is portable, stylish, elegant and fast charging. It is suitable for aerial photography drones, portable ventilators, medical equipment, mobile phones, various computers and various commonly used electronic products.


Portable Energy Storage Battery Pack

The portable energy storage battery pack is a backup power storage product that can charge the S5 portable power station. Whether it is a long-term power outage or a long-term outing, you can get a strong power guarantee.