Outdoor Adventures Stay connected and powered up with solar generators

How to stay connected and powered up is an important question when exploring the outdoors. If you are planning an outdoor adventure then you should take a close look at this article, it will provide you with great help.

A solar generator for camping might be just what you need! These portable powerhouses can keep your devices charged and allow you to stay connected to the outside world, even when there is no outlet to be found.

The following article will discuss the different types of solar generators available and choose the right one for your needs. You will also get tips on using your solar-powered generator while camping.

solar generator for outdoor adventure

A Solar Generator in Brief

As the name suggests, it is a power supply equipment that utilises the sun’s energy to produce electricity. It contains a solar panel, which collects the solar energy and converts it into electrical power. The device also comes with a battery pack. It stores the electrical energy generated, which can then be used to charge batteries or power devices. Apart from these, you will find a charge controller which controls the energy flow from the panel to the battery pack. It protects the batteries from damage. Lastly, there is also an inverter present. It transforms the DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power. It then powers the gadgets.

There are two kinds of solar generators that you will find in the market. A solar panel kit is the simplest type of generator available. It just contains a solar panel and a battery pack. A portable solar generator is more complicated than the above machine. They come with built-in inverters and provide more power, which people need during outdoor activities. The inverters provide power to devices. They act as fabulous energy sources for different kinds of purposes.

Benefits of Camping with Solar Generators

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing a solar generator, then keep reading to learn why they’re the best power source for camping.

Quiet & Odorless

Solar-powered generators are completely silent and produce no emissions so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings without any obnoxious smells while still powering your camp.


One of the most appealing features of a solar generator is that it creates clean energy. It lends itself perfectly to camping in a natural environment, where burning gas to cook or power lights harms the global and local environment.


Since portable power stations don’t use fossil fuel to run they’re a safe option, especially if you’re camping in the woods. Unlike gas generators, you can safely use them inside a tent or RV to power lights and appliances.


Solar-powered generators have a lifespan of 25-35 years, depending on the quality and brand. While they may appear expensive at first, they can be considered an investment in the long run.


A portable solar generator includes all the technology needed to recharge and power your home appliances. Simply plug in your solar panels, connect to an EV charging station or the grid to charge the unit, then connect your devices when you’re ready to power up.


The best portable power stations hold all the essential components that you need for solar power. So unlike kits used to wire a home or RV, it’s easy to take with you anywhere. Pair with travel-friendly solar panels that fold up when they’re not in use.  

Multiple Ways to Charge

It may be called a solar generator, but some portable power stations can also charge using different sources. While solar panels are the most eco-friendly way to recharge, you can also charge from the grid when the weather isn’t ideal. Many of SOUOP’s units can recharge to 80% in less than 2 hours. If you get caught short, you can also top off the battery while you’re in the car using your 12v charging port. Since this is the slowest charging option, it should only really be used as a last resort. 

Charging using an electric vehicle (EV) charging station is still a fairly unique charging option, but it’s extremely handy since over 43,000 public stations are in the United States alone. 


Even if you’re considering purchasing a portable solar generator for camping, they can be used in other ways, too. Since they’re so easy to use, you can pick them up and go wherever you want. It can go with you in the car, to the office, shed, or any event where you might need backup power.

How Does a Solar Generator For Camping Work?

The solar panel takes the sun’s energy and converts it into electrical current. This current is then stored in the battery pack. When you need power, the current flows from the battery pack to the inverter, converting it into AC power that can power devices.

Types of Solar Generators

Here are some commonly used solar generators.

a) Solar Panel Kits

These are the simplest type of solar generators. They consist of a solar panel and a battery pack.

Solar panels convert light into electrical current using the sun’s energy. The battery pack stores the energy and supplies it to the inverter, converting it into AC power.

b) Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators are more complex than solar panel kits. They usually have a built-in inverter and can provide more power.

The solar panel collects energy from the sun and transforms it into electricity. The battery pack stores the energy and supplies it to the inverter, converting it into AC power.

The inverter then provides power to devices.

Features to Check While Choosing a  Solar Generator

When choosing a solar generator, you need to consider the following factors.

a) Power Output

The power output is how much power the solar generator can produce. It is measured in watts (W). You need to consider the devices you want to power and ensure the solar generator has enough power to run them.

b) Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is how much energy the battery pack can store. It is measured in watt-hours (Wh). You need to consider the devices you want to power and ensure the solar generator has enough battery capacity to run them.

c) Weight and Size

The weight and size of the portable solar generator will determine how easy it is to transport. You need to choose a solar generator that is easy to carry and fits your vehicle.

d) Price

Solar generators can be expensive. You need to consider your budget and choose a solar generator that fits your needs.

 e) Warranty

Solar generators come with a variety of warranties. You need to consider the length of the warranty and what is covered.

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