Is The SOUOP Solar Generator Worth the Investment?

Solar energy is a clean and cost-effective way to power households. But what many people don’t realize is that there are many types of solar solutions to choose from. Many people choose to buy solar generators instead of just adding a complete set of residential solar panels for their houses.

The SOUOP solar generator consists of solar panels and a portable power station, which can harvest energy from the sun and store it for later use. It can be used as a mobile power source, home backup energy, or both.

Keep reading to know everything you need to know to make sure it is a smart move to order it.

Understanding SOUOP Solar Generator:

The core component SOUOP Solar Generator consists of two different parts:

100W Solar Panel
100W Solar Panel
  1. Solar Panel Components
    These are not the same as the solar panels in your home. But they also capture solar energy from sunlight and convert it into direct current.
  2. Portable power station
    The SOUOP solar generator also has a portable power station. This is where the energy you extract from the solar panels is stored.
Souop portable power station
SOUOP portable power station

Solar charge controller

SOUOP power station usually has a solar charge controller. This regulates the flow of energy into the battery so that nothing can be damaged when the power source moves through the system.


The portable power station also has an inverter, which is the core component of the power station. This is the part that converts the energy collected by the panel from the sun into a usable form of energy.

Why order SOUOP solar generator?

  1. SOUOP company is strong
    SOUOP is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Weled Power Technology Co., Ltd. (WeledPower). WeledPower was established in 2008, focusing on LED drivers and LED backup batteries for twelve years, and has become a leading brand in the LED industry. In 016, its subsidiary SOUOP was established. Souop focuses on the development and sales of portable power stations.
  2. SOUOP has an independent R&D team and production workshop
    The factory covers an area of ​​108,000 square feet. The factory has passed ISO 9001:2008 recognized by SGS Group. It has a UL standard laboratory, a CE standard laboratory, 3 SMT production lines, 8 production lines, and 38 computer-controlled aging test systems. SOUOP works with an excellent team of 38 engineers and 300 employees.
  3. Support OEM
    No matter which type of solar generator is right for you, SOUOP can meet your needs. We provide a variety of solar generators with different power generation capacity, storage capacity and solar panel sizes. You can customize the shell color, rubber ring color, logo, and outer packaging of the portable energy storage power station, which makes it very easy to find a solar generator that suits your needs.
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