Is A Solar Power Station For Camping Worth Having?

Every camping trip should have a power station for camping. This is a portable lithium battery used to power electrical equipment during a power outage. Of course, such batteries are also necessary to be able to live comfortably away from the campsite. In our power station test, you will learn the importance of equipment and what you should buy.

What is a power station for camping?

A power station is a portable power bank that you probably know from your smartphone too – but with a bigger battery. However, the principle is the same. The power station contains lithium batteries, which are in turn protected by a solid case and can be connected to almost any type of equipment. There are also solar charge controllers or other features available as accessories that can make handling them or the camping experience easier.

Besides camping, such power stations can also be used in nature. Depending on solar radiation, the battery can charge itself using solar energy, but the power station can also be charged using a household socket. However, if you want to camp outdoors, the possibility of solar panels is important.

Is the powerstation suitable to operate during a power outage/blackout?

In addition to the powerstation camping solar, it can be an advantage in other places. For example, if there is a power outage in the home, important equipment becomes difficult to operate. Experts don’t think such a scenario is realistic and say a sudden power outage could cause days of power outages.

Access to cell phones or kitchen utensils and personal computers is almost impossible because, without electricity, the apartment is still dark. But all who plan ahead and know they can power themselves independently in the event of such a power failure are smart. Therefore, even in the event of a power outage, a power station can be the best solution for power supply. Together with solar panels, energy is generated by solar radiation. Thus, the user retains the flexibility to charge the device at any time from the balcony or garden.

When is it worth the power station for you?

  • You drive a camper and don’t want to install an extra battery or solar system.
  • Your RV is running low on power, for example, because you need medical equipment or want to play PlayStation on a projector at night.
  • You want to be self-sufficient or need power away from your vehicle, such as on the beach, in the forest, or even while having a picnic in the garden.
  • You often rent mobile homes and need reliable charging capabilities for your drones, cameras, phones, and laptops on the go.
  • You travel by car and often spend the night in a tent.

As mentioned, I’m constantly on the road and relying on electricity to operate the CPAP mask at night, and having additional power storage in the vehicle is out of the question for me. In addition to the WiFi router, smartphone and laptop, I often carry other devices such as cameras and drones on the road, unfortunately, I only have limited charging in the camper. Especially when camping, it is more worthwhile to install a solar charger, such as when we park the car in the shade and the mobile solar system charges the battery in the sun. Many caravans and motorhomes are usually only designed for 12-volt outlets, and the mobile power station here provides the best possible extension without difficult conversion work.

Besides camping, the powerstation is also worth a visit:

  • Angler/Fisherman
  • Residents in areas with frequent power outages
  • Owners of garden plots not connected to the grid
  • The use of mobile power stations is not suitable for backpackers without a vehicle

What can be connected to a solar power station for camping?

A modern new charging station has integrated many charging connections into a sturdy case, all now have at least one USB-C connection, and some products on the market even offer the option to charge your phone via wireless charging.

You can connect almost everything to a modern power station, and you can also plug it into an outlet in your home. It’s certainly not recommended to charge your electric car or use a vacuum cleaner all day. As always, the more powerful the device you’re trying to power, the faster your battery will drain.

We often use the following equipment at mobile charging stations:

  • Kettle, hot plate, toaster, and espresso machine
  • Electric Bike Batteries, Electric Mopeds, and Drones
  • WiFi routers, smartphones, and laptops
  • Hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons
  • Air conditioning is also available depending on the season

How to identify a defective mobile powerstation camping?

Whether a power station is defective can be judged by whether it continues to generate electricity. If it doesn’t provide any power, it will be charged first, as it may have just been discharged. If the charging process is unsuccessful and there is still no device to operate with the station, there may be a defect. Errors in electronic equipment can also lead to overcharging and can also cause charging stations to malfunction. This usually happens with lower-quality products. The important thing is that the power station is guaranteed so that you can exchange directly with the manufacturer without any problems. However, most of the time, the fault lies with the user, for example, the power station is not charging properly. Defects may creep into other products.

If charged up to 70% here, the device no longer provides any power to some users from the 40% energy state, although this should be usable. Then the system often crashes and the power station shuts itself down. Since this is not a routine procedure, it can be assumed that the plant is defective. Customers report that after turning on the model, the energy level is 0%. Some users who purchased the same site from other manufacturers have encountered issues with sometimes unrecognized USB ports. If there are any defects, action should always be taken within the warranty period.

Is 600W enough power?

This question is often asked because 600W power stations are the most popular because of their price. However, this performance is not always sufficient, as many devices consume far more power, such as all electronics that generate heat. This also includes some coffee makers and hotplates, such as induction cooktops that don’t work with them at all.

The Powerstation 1200 watts are more suitable for these situations.

The question of whether the portable power station 600w is enough depends on the actual situation. It is definitely enough for a short trip. However, if you stay for a long time and use a lot of electrical equipment, 600W is far from enough. SOUOP has a 600W portable power station, 1200W portable power station, 1800W portable power station, and 2400W portable power station, no matter what your needs are, we will meet them.

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