How To Make Portable Power Station

Of course, about how to make a portable power station, we can’t use one or two sentences to summarize it. Making a portable generator is a process with many and complicated processes. Then I will briefly describe the simple process of DIYing a portable power station to let you know how the portable power station is made.

As a senior manufacturer of mobile power, I am very happy to share the knowledge of mobile power manufacturing, research and development, materials, selection and other aspects. Hope you are interested in us and follow us.

DIY private power station, first of all to understand the structure of the mobile power station. We have covered it in detail in the previous article. After we are familiar with the structure, we can start our steps.

diy portable power station
Diy Portable Power Station

Step 1: Material Preparation

If you are a hands-on person, you need to prepare tools such as a multimeter, connecting cables, screws, cable ties and other auxiliary materials. The following are must-have materials for a portable power station.

  • 1x LiFePO4 battery pack
  • 1x Smart BMS
  • 1x inverter
  • 1x USB output control board
  • 1x assembled case
  • 1x output socket
  • 1x cooling fan

Step 2: Battery Pack Assembly Test

When purchasing a battery, you need to pay attention to the built-in, discharge rate, and capacity of the battery. It is best to use the same batch of batteries from the same manufacturer, and then process them into 3 series and 5 parallel battery packs through a battery spot welding machine. Try to choose a protective plate. The best-selling models of large companies, after processing, are like this:

LiFePO4 battery pack
LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Step 3: Test the purchased inverter and USB control board

Connect the purchased inverter to the USB control board to test the normal function, load capacity and protection function. If you encounter quality problems, please consult the merchant in time, and the test parameters can also be obtained from the manufacturer for technical parameter information.

function test
Function Test

Step 4: Assemble the Portable Power Station

When assembling the mobile power station, try to choose fireproof and anti-conductive materials. We use V0 fireproof PC material, and the shell is made of aluminum alloy. The battery pack and inverter are easier to secure and isolate, providing safety protection. Choose terminal blocks to avoid exposed wires and cause safety accidents.

Assembly steps:

  • Install the cooling fan
  • Install the battery pack
  • Install the inverter

So far, a DIY portable power station is 80% complete. Just install the USB control board and socket on the corresponding plastic panel. Our plastic parts support global socket pairing, so you don’t have to worry about whether the socket in your country will fit your socket. Seeing this, do you think it’s as simple as DIY a portable power station. Finally, we put the aluminum alloy casing outside, and a complete finished product is completed, as shown in Figure 1. Are you excited? Whether it is with you, whether it is a portable power station for camping or emergency lighting, it is your best companion.

Step5: We provide technical guidance

Whether you are an individual or a businessman, we can provide DIY accessories. If you are a businessman, we offer a complete range of product accessories. We support OEM/ODM service. There is no minimum order quantity, which can help you realize commercial value, of course, the larger the MOQ, the more favorable price we can give. We have our own factory, we can provide aluminum alloy housing, plastic parts, inverter, USB control board, in addition, there are complete installation videos and technical information to guide assembly production, please contact me at

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