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SOUOP Portable Power Station Manufacturer – R&D and Production Integration

As a portable power station manufacturer, SOUOP provides passengers with a good and convenient travel solution for existing products. Not only that, but this portable generator is also ready when the power goes out at home.

The built-in LiFePO4 battery of the portable power station has good capacity and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The number of universal AC outlets and ports varies with each portable power supply, such as two or three universal AC outlets, two DC ports, and four USB ports for a 1200W portable power supply. The USB port can handle up to 5A and is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other small electronics.

The SOUOP Power Station can be easily charged using the included AC charging cable. Also includes an optional car charging cable. What’s more, you can even charge it with a solar panel if you like to be outdoors on a sunny day. As an added bonus, the LED lights help you see in the dark but don’t consume high power. When outdoors at night, if you accidentally get into trouble, you can turn on the SOS light to call for help.

Who is SOUOP?

SOUOP is a manufacturer of portable power stations and solar generators focusing on energy storage power. Right now, we are still developing new energy storage power sources, and our home solar energy system will be launched soon.

SOUOP integrates product development, production, and sales, and has its own factory. At present, portable power stations are our main marketing products. The company award focuses on market segments, masters key technologies, has strong innovation ability, provides OEM services, provides energy storage products with stable performance and high quality and integrated after-sales service, provides customers with reliable vitality guarantee, and meets your various needs.

power station factory
LiFePO4 battery pack

What can a portable power station be used for?

Portable power stations can be very useful, here are 11 amazing uses for portable power stations

  1. Emergency Backup Power
  2. Convenience on Camping Trips
  3. Source of Renewable, Clean Energy
  4. Less Reliance on the Power Grid
  5. Better Alternative to Gas Generators
  6. Expandable Power for RVs
  7. Peacekeeper on Family Road Trips
  8. Vehicle Survival Gear
  9. Gateway to an Outdoor Office
  10. A Dream for Content Creators
  11. Secret Asset for Outdoor Parties

In fact, the portable power station is not only that, but more uses are waiting for you to discover.

Portable power stations are often designed to power smaller electronic devices and appliances, from phones and table fans to heavy-duty work lights and CPAP machines. Pay attention to the estimated watt-hours each brand provides in their specifications to determine which model is best for the power supply you want. Let it power your blackout life and outdoor living.

If a company says its portable power station is 1200W, it should be able to power a device with an output of 1W for about 1200 hours. Then consider the wattage of the equipment you’re powering, and then the watt-hours required by your portable power station.

Combien de temps une centrale électrique portable peut-elle fonctionner ?

You can get close to the answer with some basic math. If you have a power station rated at 1,800W, and you plug in a device, let’s say a TV rated at 100W, you can divide 1,800 by 100 and say it will run for 18 hours.

However, this is usually not the case. The industry “standard” is that you should do 85% of the total capacity for this math. In this case, the TV’s 850 Wh divided by 100W would be 8.5 hours.

The reality is that you should expect 8.5 to 10 hours in this example.

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