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S5 Solar Generator

The S5 Solar Generator is an all-in-one combination of the S5 Portable Power Station and solar panels, which can store solar energy to maintain power supply anytime, anywhere. Compared with other SOUOP products, the S5 mobile power bank has a larger capacity and is more supportive for long-term power needs, whether it is a power outage or outdoor activities. It has pulleys and pull rods, and it is very easy to move despite being heavy.


Centrale électrique portable S5

S5 power station 5000W
  • Sortie jusqu'à 16 appareils
  • Fonction ASI
  • Charge rapide 2H à 100%
  • Batterie supplémentaire à 10.08KWh
  • Batterie LiFePO4 3600 + Cycles
  • Recharge PV
  • Sortie CA à onde sinusoïdale pure
  • Contrôle intelligent de l'application
  • 7 Système de gestion des protections
  • Acceptez l'OEM et l'ODM
  • Cellule solaire : Silicium monocristallin
  • Temps de charge rapide
  • Pliable/Portable
  • Respectueux de l'environnement / Pas de gaz / Plus silencieux / Rentable
  • Acceptez l'OEM et l'ODM

220W Solar Panel​

220W portable solar panel

Spécifications techniques

s5 portable power station and solar panel

Télécommande APP

7 Protection Système de gestion de batterie intelligent
Charge rapide jusqu'à 2500W

S5 portable power station comes with APP function

Solar Charging

solar panel charging

Use the accessories 1 pcs Anderson-MC4 cable and 6 pcs MC4-7909cables to connect the standard solar panel(up to 6 standard solar panels)with the device, and it will be fully charged in about 3.5H.


1. The solar charging cable (MC4-Anderson cable) and solar panel need tobe purchased extra by yourself.

2. When using the matching solar panel to charge this product, pleaseconnectit according to the user manual.

3. Before connecting the solar panel, please confirm that the output opencircuit voltage of the solar panel is within 150V to avoid damage to the product.

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