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Batterie de stockage d'énergie portable

The portable energy storage battery pack is a power pack that can charge the S5 portable power station. It has a capacity of 5040Wh, intelligent charging, and is equipped with an APP function, which can observe product information and control the product online, whether it is traveling or a long time In the event of a power outage, this portable energy storage battery pack will give you a sense of security and will renew your power in time.


[Perfect Capacity]: The portable energy storage battery pack has a capacity of 5040Wh (48V; 105Ah); it is also equipped with an excellent battery management system (BMS) to protect the device with functions such as temperature control, voltage protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection .

[Lithium iron phosphate battery power supply]: Compared with other lithium batteries, one of the important advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries is thermal stability and chemical stability, which can improve the safety of the battery. Lithium iron phosphate batteries can provide 2500 cycles and more than 12 years of battery life for the SOUOP portable power station.

[Backup power pack]: It can be used as a spare power pack. When the power of the S5 portable power bank is low, you can connect a portable energy storage battery pack to charge it. Fully meet your travel charging needs. This all-in-one power station is perfect for outdoor parties, camping, and when the power goes out at home.

Spécifications techniques


When using the modified product, there are the following issues that need attention, please check patiently.

  • Before connecting the product to the host, please make sure that both the product and the host are turned off.
  • After the product is connected to the host, confirm that the display of the product shows the input power before starting to use it.
  • Do not directly connect or remove the product from the host during the charging and discharging process. If you need to connect or remove the host midway, please shut down the product before proceeding.
  • Do not touch the metal terminal at the connection port of the power pack with your hands or other objects. If there is foreign matter attached to the metal terminal, please wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
  • This product must be connected to the host to charge.


Some general questions and answers about portable energy storage battery packs are waiting for you.

This product uses high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The LCD screen of this product will display the battery life, and the equipment with stable power consumption can be estimated according to this time.

When charging, the LCD screen will display the remaining charging time, and the power indicator circle outside the battery power percentage will start to rotate circularly and display the input power.

Wipe this product with a dry, soft, clean cloth or paper towel.

When storing, please close the product first, and then store it in a dry, ventilated place at room temperature. Do not place this product near water sources. For long-term storage, it is recommended to charge and discharge the battery every three months to prolong the service life of the product.

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