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New Generation Multifunctional Durable Solar Generator Manufacturer – OEM Service Available

2400w portable power station with 4 x 220W solar panel

SOUOP is a professional solar generator manufacturer, SOUOP is the brand of solar generator.

The SOUOP 2400W with solar panels creates an eco-friendly solar generator system. It provides safe, clean, pollution-free renewable energy. Also, SOUOP solar generator manufacturers have better durability. Safer than similar solar generator manufacturers with the same power capacity. Even with daily use and charging, the solar generator’s battery lasts about nine years.

SOUOP 2400W Features:

mobile solar generator 2400W
  1. Durable and more economical

The SOUOP 2400 uses a safer and more durable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. Compared with ternary lithium batteries, ternary lithium batteries lose about 20% of their charge capacity after 500 cycles. LiFePO4 batteries can be used for more than 3500 charge cycles before dropping to 80% of their remaining capacity. This means you can charge it every day and it will continue to run for 9 years without significantly reducing power. As a result, the need for product changes and repeat purchases is significantly reduced.

  1. Fast charging

SOUOP 2400W solar generator can be charged by 4 solar panels. This means it can be fully charged again within 4 hours.

  1. Multifunctional Portable Energy Station

SOUOP has high output and 14 different types of power ports. So it is compatible with 99% of devices and appliances on the market.

  1. Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

When left plugged into a wall outlet, any device plugged into the SOUOP 2400 will operate directly from the power provided by the outlet. The UPS function will restore power within 10 milliseconds of a power outage. This ensures the functionality of critical equipment such as household refrigerators, CPAPs, and computers.

  1. Green energy system

Users can match the SOUOP 2400 with 100W, 220W, or 440W solar panels. In addition, its built-in MPPT charge controller automatically adjusts the charging power. This increases solar charging efficiency by 30% over conventional solar charging systems.

À propos de la SOUOP

SOUOP is designed to bring safer, more affordable, and longer lasting solutions to the portable solar system industry. Our strong environmental awareness and advanced technical skills drive us to bring high-quality, green, portable power to the world. Access to green energy for all is a humanitarian belief.

Go green on the road

SOUOP has always been committed to creating a sustainable environment for the planet and people, pioneering outdoor solar utilities to further their goal of making electricity greener and more efficient.

They are firmly committed to meeting the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and off-grid living for long-lasting power.

Founded in 2012, SOUOP quickly gained traction. The company started developing solar panels for outdoor living in 2018. They first developed a solar generator in 2020, combining a portable power station and solar panels into a bundled kit.

Since then, SOUOP has continued to develop its range of sustainable outdoor living brands and product lines. They are seeking to set industry standards and benchmarks for solar and renewable charging. Their solar generators are carefully designed and manufactured to make them one of the most popular portable power products on the market today.

And this is just the beginning.

SOUOP’s ambitious goal is to inspire an active outdoor lifestyle while building a sustainable future for the world by providing RV enthusiasts, campers, and adventurers of all kinds with leading solar solutions.

Leading global market share

The company’s global footprint spans the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.

SOUOP plans to expand its footprint in more than 100 countries and territories over the next three years.

The company is always looking to improve its products and to date has successfully applied for numerous patents for portable power stations and solar generators worldwide.

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