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Mobile Solar Generators – Travel and Emergency Essentials

We showcased solar generators and researched the best mobile portable solar generator systems for you, with a selection of recommended solar panels, mobile solar generators, and complete systems.

Advances in lithium battery technology in recent years mean that charging all these gadgets is easier, safer, and quieter than ever before. Campers no longer need noisy, smelly diesel generators to keep RV or mobile office lights running (which is a good thing when you’re at a campsite with enforced quiet hours). Since their introduction to the market a few years ago, solar generators, or portable power stations as they are commonly called, have come down in price and weight, along with increased charging capabilities.

If you’re not familiar with them, imagine a version of the oversized power bank that you probably already carry around to charge your phone while traveling, except these, usually have a built-in inverter and a standard 120v outlet so you can easily charge your computer, run CPAP, or plug in an electric cooler or portable washing machine, even if you’re in a scattered campground with no amenities.

Possible uses for solar generators

Solar Generator Camping

Camping looks a little different these days than it used to be. Of course, you can still take a backpacking tent into the woods and fully simulate it, but the rise of overland and glamping in recent years has shown that many people like to bring at least some of the comforts of home, whether it’s a portable refrigerator, lights, cameras for remote work device or laptop.

The biggest application area for solar generators is in camping areas. Whether it’s a tent, caravan, or mobile home. Anyone who goes camping with a solar generator is always freer and closer to nature itself without relying on a fixed power source. With solar generators, every place in nature becomes a personal campsite with electricity.

Solar Generator on Board

Solar generators can also make life a lot better on board. Sailing boats are especially important here. If you also want to use electricity on the water, a solar generator on board is a great companion. Here we see the huge advantage that you can always use solar panels to provide new electricity on board. This means you don’t have to go ashore. With solar generators, you always have electricity on your deck.

And Many More Application Areas

These are not all applications of solar generators so far. Their flexibility allows them to function in almost every area of ​​life. That’s why we recommend you browse our website to find the perfect solar generator for your application.

Our 2 TOP Solar Power Plants Complete Systems 2022

Our editorial tip showcases the SOUOP Solar Generator 1200, one of the most popular solar power systems of the year.

SOUOP 1800W Solar Generator

The SOUOP solar generator 1800 is a mobile power station with a capacity of 1488Wh. The solar generator comes with 4 SOUOP’s foldable 100W solar panels for immediate use. The plug-and-play generator is equipped with an LCD display that shows the current charging status as well as output and input power. Compatible ports include two or three 230V AC outputs, 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, 1 vehicle port, 2 DC outputs, and 2 DC inputs. It can charge or operate devices up to 1800W, such as tablets, e-bikes, coffee makers, and home appliances! Ideal for travel, fishing, camping, and as a home emergency power source.

SOUOP 2400W Solar Generator

SOUOP solar generator 2400W and 4 foldable 220W solar panels with solar charging cable. Accessories include 2 AC Adapters, 1 7909 connected wire for Vehicle’s 12V Output, 1 manual, and a warranty card. The new SOUOP solar module 220W is a single crystal 220W solar module with solar cell efficiency of up to 22%, compatible with most SOUOP energy generators.

What to Consider

Your Electricity Needs

Before you can start comparing portable power stations for camping, you first need to figure out what you want to power off the grid. Charging your phone and camera a few times requires far less power than running a portable refrigerator or powering a camper. If you like numbers, list everything you want to use and try to get a rough idea of ​​the power consumption of each item. Alternatively, just check the power station manufacturer’s website – they usually estimate how many times you’ll be able to charge various devices and list those numbers in the specs section.


The most important thing to consider when looking for a solar generator is its capacity. You’ll pay more for higher capacities, but generally, you’ll want to consider a generator with a minimum capacity of about 500W, which is enough for most people to get through a weekend of camping. As with any solar generator, it’s best to buy a generator with more capacity than you think you’ll need, and a larger solar panel so you can charge it quickly. If you’re looking for an emergency solar generator to power your camper or to act as a backup power source for your home during a power outage, I recommend looking for a solar generator with at least a 600W capacity and pairing it with a 100W solar panel.

emergency solar generator


Solar generator prices vary by capacity, but you also need to budget for solar panels, which are usually not included in generators.

Weight and Dimensions

LiFePO4 is lighter and smaller than traditional deep-cycle batteries, so most solar generators are lightweight and portable. That said, they’ll still weigh over 10 pounds, and if you need a lot of capacity, they’ll get heavier quickly. If you have a small vehicle or camper and are tight on space, or just don’t want to lug a very heavy generator, it might be worth opting for a smaller charging capacity.

How We Choose

As a longtime outdoor enthusiast, camper, and road enthusiast, you can imagine how much power you need when you’re outdoors. Spent countless nights scattered camping on the beds of trucks, rooftop tents, travel trailers, and just about every tent imaginable. A solar charging system can be installed on an off-road teardrop trailer, and a variety of portable power station equipment has been tested for charging capacity, price, and weight for the outdoors, all directly using experienced solar generators.

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