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Batterie LiFePO4 et huit avantages du phosphate de fer au lithium

LiFePO4 battery (Lithium iron phosphate battery), the positive electrode material of lithium ion battery. This new material is not LiCoO2; LiMn2O4; or LiNiMO2, which is the cathode material of lithium-ion batteries in the past. Its safety performance and cycle life are unmatched by other materials, and these are the most important technical indicators of power batteries. 1C charge and discharge cycle life up to 2000 times. A single battery with an overcharge voltage of 30V does not burn or explode. Piercing does not explode. Lithium iron phosphate cathode materials make large-capacity lithium-ion batteries easier to use in series.

  1. Ultra-long life, the cycle life of long-life lead-acid batteries is about 300 times, the highest is 500 times, while the cycle life of lithium iron phosphate power batteries can reach more than 2000 times, and the standard charging (5 hour rate) can reach 2000 times. Lead-acid batteries of the same quality are “new for half a year, old for half a year, and maintained for half a year”. tenure”. Considering comprehensively, the performance-price ratio will be more than 5 times that of lead-acid batteries.
  2. It is safe to use. Lithium iron phosphate completely solves the potential safety hazards of lithium cobaltate and lithium manganese oxide. Lithium cobaltate and lithium manganate will explode under strong collisions and pose a threat to the lives of consumers, while iron phosphate Lithium is the most characteristic lithium battery because it has passed strict safety tests and will not explode even in the worst traffic accidents.
  3. It can be quickly charged and discharged with a large current of 2C. Under the special charger, the battery can be fully charged within 40 minutes after charging at 1.5C, and the starting current can reach 2C, but lead-acid batteries do not have this performance now.
  4. High temperature resistance, the electric heating peak of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350°C-500°C, while lithium manganese oxide and lithium cobalt oxide are only around 200°C.
  5. Large capacity. The continuous mileage of the LiFePO4 power battery produced by Tianjin Strand is 3-4 times that of lead-acid batteries of the same quality. Running more than 100 kilometers, office workers can use it for about a week on a single charge. The electric bicycle equipped with a lead-acid battery has a maximum battery capacity of 12Ah under the condition that the weight of the whole vehicle does not exceed the standard (the weight of the lead-acid battery has reached 13 kg at this time, while the weight of the lithium iron phosphate battery with the same capacity is only 5 kg), It can travel up to 50km on a single charge.
  6. No memory effect When the rechargeable battery is often working under the condition of being fully charged, the capacity will quickly drop below the rated capacity value. This phenomenon is called the memory effect. NiMH and NiCd batteries have memory, but lithium iron phosphate batteries do not have this phenomenon. No matter what state the battery is in, it can be charged and used at any time, and there is no need to discharge it first and then recharge it.
  7. Small size and lightweight. The volume of a LiFePO4 battery with the exact specification and capacity is 2/3 of the importance of a lead-acid battery and the weight is 1/3 of that of a lead-acid battery.
  8. Environmental protection.

LiFePO4 material does not contain any toxic and harmful substances and will not cause any pollution to the environment. It is recognized as a green battery in the world. The battery has no pollution in production and use, so this battery has been included in the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period. The “863” national high-tech development plan has become a project supported and encouraged by the state. With China’s accession to the WTO, the export volume of electric bicycles in China will increase rapidly, and now electric bicycles entering Europe and the United States have been required to be equipped with non-polluting batteries, and electric vehicles equipped with lead-acid batteries are difficult to export. New lithium iron phosphate materials and power batteries To equip electric vehicles, widely exported to the European market, choosing lithium iron phosphate as electric vehicle batteries will be a wise choice with long-term strategic significance!

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