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How To Choose A Backup Power Supply For Cpap | While Camping And Traveling

CPAP machines are essential, especially when traveling and camping with people with sleep apnea and other sleep problems. However, like all equipment, this machine requires a steady and constant power source to operate, which isn’t always available when camping. Therefore, having a portable power source such as the best solar generator for CPAP may be a suitable option. Due to its popularity, you can choose from many types and designs.

A reliable backup power source for your CPAP machine can be a real lifesaver. Some of the scenarios where a CPAP machine needs a portable power source are:

  • Power outage or blackout. While not very common, these events can last for minutes or hours, but sometimes even days.
  • Being transported. For example, you must sleep on a plane, bus or train.
  • camping. With the right power source, sleep apnea sufferers can enjoy the outdoors too!

In the last article, we mentioned how to solve the problem of using CPAP power supply when camping, so now, let’s discuss how to choose a backup power supply for CPAP when camping and traveling.

Why Did We Develop This 600w Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack?

portable power supply for camping

We found that there are many CPAP users, but there are no large capacity and most compatible power battery packs specially designed for CPAP. When hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, floods and other seasonal disasters have the potential to cause power outages in your area, our 600W Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack is the product for that purpose. This can be a problem if you are using a CPAP machine for sleep therapy. This is also a typical tourist season when people visit friends and family during the holidays. Fortunately, effective and affordable alternatives to CPAP power banks are currently available.

According to reports, almost 85% of CPAP users always carry their CPAP with them when traveling! We designed a USB output suitable for CPAP charging. So even if you are away from the wall socket, you can still use your laptop, cpap, smartphone, iPad Powerd. It provides a wonderful experience with our excellent CPAP power bank.

About Products

Durable Portable Generator CPAP Battery Pack: 600W Portable Generator – Maximum Capacity 595Wh, 186000mAh Powers Your AC Output 100-240V CPAP or BiPAP Machines Compatible with CPAP/BiPAP Machines Such as Phlip Respironics, Resmed, HDM Z1, Moyeah Ibreath and others AC output 100 -240V.

Compatible with CPAP/BiPAP machines, providing convenient backup during power outages. For general CPAP/BiPAP machine removal heater humidifier, it can be used up to 30-50 hours and about 3-5 nights.

TRAVEL/CAMPING COHMPANION: It has a DC output 12V 5A, specially designed for devices like CPAP/BiPAP machines (*Using a DC-DC converter for CPAP will get longer time), cameras, Led bulbs/Led strips, Fan, laptop and a standard fast charging 5V 3A USB port designed for any 5V USB powered device like smartphone, tablet etc. Provides a convenient backup in the event of power outages and no power.

Portable and lightweight: the net weight is about 6.8kg, and the size is 267197247 mm. Possibly the smallest size on the market with such a high capacity. Ergonomic handle for easy portability. Suitable for emergencies, camping and travel.

Safety Guarantee: Built-in LiFePO4 battery, high cost and high quality battery ensure its safety. The battery management system undertakes more advanced safety operations such as over/low voltage control, high/low temperature control, over current/short circuit protection, etc., ensuring comprehensive protection for you and your equipment.

Solar Charging

If you are outdoors for a long time, don’t be afraid of the problem of running out of stored power, because the 600W portable generator supports solar charging, which can be charged anytime, anywhere while supplying power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Watts Do CPAP Machines Use On The Battery?

My CPAP is a Resmed Airsense 10 model that uses 20 to 30 watts with the humidifier off. The device has a power range of about 20-30 watts, depending on the pressure and how I breathe. To run the one-hour test, the device used 10% of the capacity of the Jackery 300 battery pack. That pack has 293Wh, so usage is about 30Wh. This means that for 10 hours of operation, you will need a 300Wh capacity battery pack.

How Loud Are CPAP Batteries?

The portable power sources I chose for this article are battery or solar powered, which means they have no noisy engines and can run quietly in a tent while camping. In most cases, a CPAP machine will be louder than your portable power source.

If you’re using a gas generator, you’ll need to attach an extension cord to your machine, as the generator needs to be outside of your RV or tent.

Also check out my list of quiet gas generators for camping when you have neighbors near your campground.

How To Use CPAP Batteries Safely While Camping?

Since all of these CPAP batteries are battery powered rather than gas or propane, you don’t have to worry about the power supply emitting harmful gases. For these backup battery packs, you’ll want to make sure the batteries are kept dry and out of direct sunlight (minus any solar panels you’re using to charge them!) to ensure you’re not exposing the batteries to heat or humidity, as this may cause damage.

I hope this guide helped you better understand the different options available for CPAP batteries. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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