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Une centrale électrique portable peut-elle alimenter un réfrigérateur ?

Apparemment oui, les centrales électriques portables alimentent les réfrigérateurs pendant une durée raisonnable.

Assuming your refrigerator needs about 3.5 amps to run, that’s about 420 watts.

You will need a power supply that can provide multiple hours you expect to be out of power.

The refrigerator only runs when it needs to lower the temperature, and then shuts off. This prolongs the life of the power pack.

If you expect a 4-hour outage, multiply 420 by 4 to get 1680 watts.

Assuming the refrigerator only runs 30 minutes per hour, you’ll have about 8 hours of power. If the power source is on a solar panel, that time will be extended as long as you are in solar time.

Sunshine hours are the limited amount of time the sun hangs high in the optimum position to maximize exposure to the solar panels for optimal charging. Sunlight hours vary depending on where you are and which state you’re in, but can be anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

You don’t need a solar panel to run a solar generator, you can use a power adapter to charge the battery when you get power from the grid. They’ll get you through a power outage as long as the battery is fully charged.

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Une centrale électrique portable peut-elle alimenter un réfrigérateur ?

Refrigerators are heavy machinery used to store edible and pharmaceutical ingredients at relatively low temperatures. The minimum amount of energy required for a refrigerator varies depending on the compressor and the system it is connected to.

A domestic refrigerator consumes nearly 100 to 250 watts of energy per day, a refrigerator used in an industrial area uses 130 watts per hour and 1040 watts/8 hours for 8 hours of use.

Due to the heavier compressor, these refrigerators require a large power supply to function properly compared to household refrigerators. Moreover, the utilization rate of commercial refrigerators is higher than that of households.

To establish power for these refrigerators we can use a portable power system connected to a battery with a storage capacity of at least 4 KW (kilowatts).

This means that at least 3120 watts of energy are required to use these refrigerators for 24 hours. A fully charged 5kW battery can power the refrigerator 24 hours a day.

Depends on the output power of the power bank and the power required by the refrigerator

As long as the peak power of your mobile power supply is greater than the starting power of the refrigerator, and the output power of the mobile power supply is greater than the continuous power of the refrigerator, it can continue to supply power to the refrigerator.

Why Use a Rechargeable Portable Power Station?

Power failures can happen at any time due to a number of factors. Rechargeable portable power stations guarantee the availability of power supply without any interruption and without any breakage, allowing people to better stay connected with power at all times. It has the potential to convert electrical energy into a cooled form, preserving items that can be preserved by keeping them at low temperatures.

Advantages of Portable Solar Generators as Battery Backup for Refrigerators

  • Simple to use
  • These devices are virtually plug-and-play – your fridge will plug directly into one of the outlets on the device and get full power as needed.
  • Rechargeable to give you a never-ending supply of power—at no cost
  • Relocating your portable power station is easy

Using a solar generator to run your refrigerator is very convenient, but sometimes your backup power source needs to be recharged, most can be charged by connecting to a wall outlet or using solar power. Of course, one could simply figure out a way to run cables from a solar panel located outside directly to a battery-powered generator. Thankfully, solar generators are easy to relocate. To take advantage of the sun’s rays eager to charge your device, take it to where the solar panels are placed for optimal charging time. Note that when your fridge isn’t getting power, it’s best to keep your door closed (or open and close quickly) to avoid “losing cool”. It will be fine soon.

There are other solutions for backup power to consider, but these four will stand out as the ones you can use. The option that seems to make the most sense is a portable solar power station as a backup battery for the refrigerator. Depending on your choice, though, you’ll want to make sure your fridge and power supply match.

What size generator do you need to run your refrigerator and freezer?

Finding the perfect generator and backup battery for your refrigerator unit is critical to keeping your food cold and safe to eat. Choosing a device with sufficient power is necessary so you do not have problems. Since most refrigerators and freezers use 100 to 800 amps per hour, be sure to check the specifications of the generator or battery backup you are considering.

As for wattage, you need to consider not only running wattage but also starting wattage. If you’ve ever sat in a quiet kitchen, I’m sure you’ve heard the refrigerator motor start-up. If the wattage of your generator is too low, you may have problems powering your refrigerator. Here are several types of refrigerators and how to use them.

  • Mini fridge – Runs at around 100 watts and starts around 140 watts.
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator – Runs at about 790 watts and starts at about 300 to 600 watts.
  • Smart Refrigerator – Runs between 300 and 500 watts and starts between 350 and 750 watts.

As you can see, there are several power usage considerations depending on your particular refrigerator. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that a standard 15 cubic-foot refrigerators can easily be powered by a 1200 to 1500 watt refrigerator battery backup or generator.

Taking a 120W refrigerator as an example, the usage time of SOUOP products is as follows:

Réfrigérateur 120W
Centrale électrique portable 600W4.5 hours
Centrale électrique portable 1200W7.5 hours
Centrale électrique portable 1800W11 hours
Centrale électrique portable 2400W16,3 heures
5000W Portable Power Station33.3 heures

Benefits of High Power Portable Power Stations

Since the battery is rechargeable, it can be reused after a full charge. 5 kW is used because some energy is lost in the form of heat and running energy, thus affecting the output that the battery ultimately produces.

For continuous use, a supply of several batteries equivalent to a high powered portable power station would be suitable, which can be used uninterrupted and can provide the use of the entire portable power system.

en conclusion

Portable power stations are the next generation of advancements in every field of work. It includes the use of all electronic equipment that can be used to exercise without any external electrical influence.

Since the generated current will be equivalent to the electricity provided by the company, it can provide a suitable and environmentally friendly solution to the problems faced by electricity users.

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