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220W Solar Panel Is Coming Soon

Are you still troubled by the large power of the portable power station but with multiple solar panels? Let us solve this problem for you, we are about to launch a 220W solar panel, which will be suitable for high-power portable power stations.

220W solar panel
220W solar panel

Générateur Solaire SOUOP

Our 1200W solar generator is a 1200W portable power station plus 2 * 100W solar panels, while the 1800W solar generator is a 1800W portable power station plus 4 * 100W solar panels, and so on, our next online 2400W solar power The generator is a 2400W portable power station plus 8 * 100W solar panels. Of course, you can also have only one solar panel, but the speed of energy storage will be very slow.

Multiple solar panels are inconvenient to carry

More than four panels are very inconvenient for daily carrying, and our company will launch a more powerful portable power station later, so the launch of 220W solar panels is inevitable, which will be a good solution for carrying.

The ultimate goal of SOUOP

Any decisions we make in technology are constantly changing based on user needs. We strive to do our best and give users the best product experience. This is our ultimate goal.

Solar development

Over the years, solar energy has developed rapidly. Many areas have encountered great difficulties in power supply due to weather problems. Coupled with the emergence of environmental pollution and other problems, the development of solar energy is no longer an empty talk.

220W solar panel officially launched time

220W solar panel expanded view
220W solar panel expanded view

The 220W solar panel is still in production and will be officially launched at the end of next month, so stay tuned!

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