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Souop has more than 13 years of experience in this field and has now become a global energy leader, the largest portable power supply manufacturer and one of the world’s largest outdoor solar facility manufacturers. In redefining the use of clean energy in outdoor life, we are the main front in tackling climate change.

Souop launched a series of portable power stations and adopted an innovative battery management system-LiFePO4 batteries. Compared with other lithium batteries, one of the important advantages of LiFePO4 batteries is thermal and chemical stability, which can improve battery safety. Lithium iron phosphate batteries provide Souop portable power stations with 2500 cycles and a battery life of more than 10 years. Meet the various needs of travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, mobile homes and other people who are active on the road.

In order to further achieve the goal of making electricity more environmentally friendly and more efficient, Souop has expanded its product line to closely combine portability and solar energy-the solar generator series, which aims to effectively combine power stations with solar panels.

Company Information

Souop is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Weled Power Technology Co., Ltd. (WeledPower). WeledPower was developed in 2008, concentrating on LED chauffeurs as well as LED backup batteries for 13 years, as well as has ended up being a prominent brand in the LED sector.

In 2016, its subsidiary Souop was developed. Souop concentrates on the research, development and sales of mobile power stations. The manufacturing facility covers an area of 108,000 square feet. The manufacturing facility has actually passed ISO 9001:2008 authorized by the SGS Team. It has a UL common lab, a CE common lab, 3 SMT assembly line, 8 production lines, and 38 computer-controlled maturing test systems. Souop works with a wonderful group of 38 engineers and also 400 staff members.

Souop has developed a mobile power plant from idea to product technology. Souop supports its products with the greatest standards of quality control as well as client assistance, and remains to explore the depth of power supply development.

Guangzhou Exhibition

Guangzhou Exhibition

From November 18th to November 20th, 2021 World Battery Industry Expo and the 6th Asia-Pacific Battery Show will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex. WBE World Battery Industry Expo (Asia-Pacific Battery Show) is dedicated to promoting global market trade and industrial chain Purchasing supply and demand. It has developed into a professional exhibition with the largest number of battery companies (including battery cells and pack companies) in the industry, and the highest participation of professional audiences and foreign buyers on the application side of power, energy storage, 3C electronics, and smart devices.

Guangzhou Exhibition Chat

Our manager is negotiating with customers

The outdoor energy storage power supply exhibits at this expo performed well. Souop, Tianneng, Wald, Guangdong Shuodian, Maida, Better Force, etc., brought their latest mobile energy storage power products to their debut, which attracted wide attention from the audience and attracted more attention. Many channel distributors came to negotiate.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought a broad market space for lithium batteries. At the same time, benefiting from the widespread application of 5G, energy storage lithium batteries will become a new bright spot. In the field of energy storage, Souop has developed a variety of high-performance, high-quality energy storage products, which have been widely used in outdoor camping, household electricity storage, medical emergency and other fields, and the future application space is broad.

Among them, the portable multifunctional energy storage power supply exhibited by Souop this time can charge and supply a variety of electronic digital devices, and can be used in multiple scenarios such as night lighting and emergency power supply. It provides a practical and effective solution for outdoor electricity anxiety.

At the 2021 World Battery Industry Expo, Sooup once again interpreted the three roles of energy technology revolution innovator, green and low-carbon development practitioner, and global energy governance contributor to the industry and the public, and quickly adapted to the diverse needs of green travel scenarios. Use core technology to open the green energy key.

In the future, Souop will continue to be driven by technological innovation, presenting products with more diversified and high-performance experience to the majority of users, allowing innovation, development and intelligent upgrading to drive the industry forward steadily, laying a solid foundation for the full opening of the new travel era.

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