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Vault Multifunctional Portable Power Station 600W Buyer Reviews

Whether it’s a camping trip or powering home appliances in a pinch, the SOUOP multifunctional portable power station is the perfect all-in-one energy solution for travel and home needs. Designed with one 110/220V AC output port, two DC charging ports, and three USB ports, this portable charging station provides 186,000mAh of power and features a flexible carrying handle, making it durable and travel-friendly. Charge your smartphone or tablet, laptop, TV, mini fridge, and any other low-consumption device you own at a reliable, streamlined speeds.

SOUOP Multifunctional Portable Power Station – 600W Generator with 110V AC Outlet and Three USB Ports

600W Portable Power Station EU
  • Multifunctional: Provide reliable mobile power for various devices
  • LCD Magic: Easy-to-read LCD display for battery life and charging output
  • Durable: Heavy-duty fire-rated construction with cooling fan and soft handle
  • Mindful Solution: Equipped with Eco-friendly Battery and Auto-Off Power-Saving Function
  • Specifications: Battery Capacity – 186,000 mAh; Battery Power – 595Wh; DC Input – 12V 10A; DC Output – 12V 10A x 2; AC Output – 110V; 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/3A (60W Max)
  • Size: 267*197*247 mm
  • Peso: 6.8kg
  • Brand: SOUOP

Saved the day job

I bought this for camping but it came in handy for work-related things…I was hosting a pretty big wedding when the power went out in the tent. I picked up the vault from the car, plugged my 180 watt amp into it (both size and power are essential), and the vault stayed on for almost 2 hours before power came back. It’s also only about 40% battery charged, after which I can charge the phone multiple times and then charge it again. I tell friends and they are all jealous…SOUOP delivers!

Big Solar Power Bank

I bought this to go with my 100W solar panel. 5 hours or so. It’s supposed to be the equivalent of nine 20,000mAh power banks, but it doesn’t seem to charge my phone any less than nine 20,000mAh power banks. It charges much faster than them. Probably because they only charge via the USB cable. This is charged by the AC power cord, cigarette lighter plug, or solar power. Bigger rope.

Stay healthy at a hotel with this power station

This portable power station is not only a must for travel, but also for health and safety. Before the pandemic, we could carry our CPAP laptops, tablets, and phones while using hotel rooms and searching for outlets and plug-ins. Now, when we travel, we don’t expect to touch sockets or reach behind lamps, nightstands, or worse, floors and beds. These areas can be really dirty, and it’s uncertain how often these areas are cleaned or disinfected. Don’t worry about this power station, I can plug a 12V DC 5.5 mm round cable into the output port and use it for our CPAP and feed pump. When charging our smartphone, the USB2 or USB3 icon will light up and be bright white.

A must-have

My parents go camping almost every weekend and my mom uses a CPAP machine. They slept in tents and apparently didn’t have any power, so without power, they couldn’t use CPAP, and that’s where this power station comes into play. It’s small and compact, so it’s not a problem to carry and carry around. They can even charge their phone while using CPAP so they don’t get disconnected from the world as they used to unless they choose to. This comes in handy when their home also loses power. The price is great and it’s a good quality power station that will continue to be put to good use as long as we can afford it!

Great for emergencies

This power station is very lightweight, weighing around 6.8kg and very compact in size at only 10.5 x 7.76 x 9.73 inches. It has a capacity of 186,000mAh. My first impression was impressive. The LCD screen is large and the numbers are clear and bright. I love the design of this portable power bank. It’s small and compact and doesn’t take up much space. It comes with 3 USB charging ports, and AC and DC sockets. It also comes with a very bright and functional flashlight. Overall, this is a good portable power station. Its lightweight, convenient and reliable power supply is suitable for any emergency. I would recommend it.

Perfect for our camping trip

Instead of fumbling around with a bunch of small portable chargers, we decided to invest in this powerhouse. Oh my gosh, this has amazing battery power! We’ve all been able to repeatedly charge our phones, and kids’ tablets, and I’ve even been able to charge my laptop and get some work done because it also has a standard outlet plug point. The biggest benefit was that we were able to plug in the CPAP machine so it could be used overnight. That’s always been our biggest consumer item and one of the most needed items. There’s a nice large LCD display that shows the battery level and charging output. A nice bonus is that the power station also has lights that you can use. Overall, very satisfied with this power station. We will use it for many years to come!


This is a 600W portable power station, which is very suitable for travel and camping. It can be used for continuous charging work in camping and to charge CPAP machines at night, eliminating patients’ worries. Even if there is a power outage at home, the power can be restored for a short time.

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