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Types of portable power stations

Portable power stations can be divided into three categories based on the methods they use to collect and store energy, namely electricity, gas, and solar.


Electric portable power stations are also called battery portable power stations because they work like larger batteries. Simply plug the portable power supply into a wall outlet at home and you can quickly charge it. These power stations can also choose to use the power socket in the vehicle to charge, provided they have the correct adapter. Use this socket to charge the battery, but it takes longer than using a standard socket.

This type of power station is most commonly used for indoor use and low power requirements, such as charging mobile phones or flashlights.

Some products can even be equipped with compatible solar panels so that they can also be charged by solar energy. This is a combination of the two, which is more reliable than a single type.


Please note that this type of portable power station is usually the heaviest and may be equipped with a set of wheels, so you do not have to carry it. Gas generators cannot be used in your home or tent because they produce carbon monoxide and other harmful exhaust gases as a by-product of burning fuel.

However, these portable power stations are the most powerful options available. They can be used with power tools, electric pumps, and even portable dishwashers, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities as comfortably at home.


If you mainly use portable power stations for camping, it is beneficial to have a solar portable power station that can charge during the day while you enjoy the sun. At night, your generator will be ready to provide electricity for several hours.

In the past, solar power stations could only use sunlight for charging, which greatly limited their reliability. However, manufacturers have begun to combine solar energy and portable electric power stations, giving you the option of using traditional power sockets, vehicle power sockets, or removable solar panels for charging. Steadily, this hybrid concept has become the most common portable power station, and few power stations can only provide solar or electricity.

Souop Solar Generator: the combination of solar energy and electricity

Souop Solar Generator is composed of portable power stations and solar panels. Different types of portable power stations combine different numbers of solar panels to store solar energy anytime and anywhere to maintain the power supply.

600W Solar Generator:600W portable power station+100W Solar Panel

600W Solar Generator
600W Generador Solar

1200W Solar Generator:1200W portable power station+200W Solar Panel

1200W Solar Generator
1200W Generador Solar

1800W Solar Generator:1800W portable power station+400W Solar Panel

1800W Solar Generator
1800W Generador Solar
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