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SOUOP lanzó la nueva estación de energía portátil S5 de 5000 W, que brinda energía portátil multifuncional a más personas

February 1, 2023 – SOUOP, the leader in portable energy, announced today the launch of the new S5 portable power station 5000W, which is the first new member of SOUOP with an APP function. The new models give consumers the power they need to run medium to large appliances, yet are portable enough to pack in a car for any adventure and are a clean alternative to traditional gas generators without the noise, fumes, and maintenance.

“Since creating the power station category, we have seen a dramatic increase in interest and demand for our solar products. The addition of the S5 Portable Power Station 5000W fills this need and provides consumers with a powerful, versatile and affordable size.” “Whether running a refrigerator or CPAP machine during a power outage or powering a trip while out camping, consumers will appreciate the versatility of the S5 Portable Power Station 5000W to provide clean, Reliable electricity.”

5000W portable power station new product launched
5000W portable power station new product launched

Product Description

  1. Although it is heavy, it has wheels and pulls rods to support dragging and moving, which is very convenient.
  2. More refined makes it an ideal power supply for RV travel and camping.
  3. 5040Wh capacity, 4 charging methods.
  4. The highest charging rate is 5000W in standard mode.
  5. LiFeP04 battery can improve safety and service life.
  6. The intuitive APP allows easier access to power situations.

Industry-Leading Features

The S5 Portable Power Station 5000W uses LiFePO4 batteries as the core to providing consumers with safe, clean and portable power sources for camping, tailgates, off-grid activities, workshops and emergency power during power outages. With its versatile port array, users can power a variety of devices with seven different port options, including fast-charging 60W USB-C Power Delivery, multiple USB-A ports, regulated 12V, and two 120V AC ports.

The S5 Portable Power Station 5000W also offers a variety of charging options. A 120W power supply is included with your purchase to charge the S5 Portable Power Station 5000W in just 9 hours. Users can also charge in as little as 2 hours with the Yeti X 600W power supply (sold separately), thanks to the addition of an industry-leading 600W high-power port.

As with other products, users can use SOUOP’s portable solar panels to absorb solar energy to charge the S5 Portable Power Station 5000W away from the grid and charge it at home through a wall socket to experience almost unlimited power. An integrated MPPT charge controller ensures users get the most efficient solar charge possible. And you can also use the car charger to charge; AC+DC dual charge. Four charging methods keep you motivated at all times.

All the output you need

Charge up to 16 devices at once. The S5 Portable Power Station 5000W is suitable for almost all electronic equipment. Whether it’s charging your smartphone, laptop or camera, with the SOUOP S5 Portable Power Station 5000W, you can charge even the big appliances in your home quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

LiFePO4 – longer battery life

The SOUOP uses LiFePO4 batteries for better durability, faster charging, optimal safety, and over 2,500 cycles to reach 80% of its original capacity.

Use with power packs

Together with power packs of the same power, the S5 Portable Power Station 5000W can be integrated into many accessories as part of a larger Portable Power Station.

SOUOP 5000W portable power station can now be ordered on SOUOP’s official website and Alibaba.

In addition, SOUOP is looking for partners to promote products to various countries together. Anyone can buy and recommend others to buy our products, whether it is an individual or a company purchase, we are very welcome to come to inquire about sales.

Company Profile

SOUOP started with LED lights, has more than 10 years of experience in brand operation, and its business covers North America, Southeast Asia, the European Union and other countries.

In addition to the newly launched 4000W portable power station, it has taken a further step into the field of clean energy.

SOUOP has its own factory, high-tech solar product R&D team and production team, and has successfully mass-produced and supplied domestically and abroad.

From emergency blackouts to camping to off-grid projects and events, our solar panels, power stations and accessories allow you to keep your gear charged in any situation. We’re working to change the way people think about and use electricity by pioneering the development of smarter energy options. strength. anything. anywhere. For more information, please contact us.

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  1. Dear Sirs,

    Please info EXW cost for all range power stations for MOQ
    and accecorities such as solar panels, bags etc

    from which quantity you can made goods with our logo?

    Oltec LLC

    1. Our minimum order quantity is 1, but different styles, different customizations, and different regions will affect the pricing of the product. This needs to be specified in order to accurately quote.

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