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Solar Panels-The Development of “Solar Energy”

Sweden signs “largest solar deal”

Many countries have gradually begun to study renewable energy. The development of solar energy is no longer an empty talk. Some time ago, Sweden signed the “largest solar energy transaction”. In Sweden, the renewable energy company HPSolartech has signed an agreement with the infrastructure financing company Sunspark. Build 40 land-based solar parks in the southern part of the European country.

Anna Werner, CEO of Svensk Solenergi, the Solar Energy Association, said: “In Sweden, most of our electricity is produced in the north, and most of our energy is consumed in the south. Solar energy in southern Sweden will balance this imbalance, and we will not have to use electricity from the north. The bidding area SE1) sends so much power to the south (the power bidding area SE4).”

Two companies say this is Sweden’s largest solar deal in history, and the deal highlights the importance of solar energy in helping Sweden and Europe achieve their energy transition goals.

Many people think that solar energy is impossible in Northern Europe, but in fact the opposite is true. On average, southern Sweden has about 1,821 hours of sunshine per year, which is about the same as Germany or the Netherlands (countries with a high percentage of solar parks).

HPSolartech CEO Kenny Fogel also said: “Solar panels are actually more effective in cold temperatures.”

“In order to increase installed capacity to new heights, Sweden needs to develop a national plan to make the country attractive for large-scale solar investment. We have green tax relief for households investing in residential facilities, but for large-scale ground installations of solar energy Installations, we have not seen any improvement recently. In the densely populated southern regions of the country, it must be much easier to obtain permits to build solar parks in areas with high sunshine rates.”

Although Sweden consumes a lot of electricity, compared with its European counterparts, its emissions are lower due to the high penetration rate of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. In 2020, Sweden began to use renewable energy to generate more than 50% of the total energy, and set a goal of reaching 100% by 2040.

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