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S3 Portable Power Station

S3 Portable Power Station is a high-end and fashionable off-grid energy storage power product, and it is also the latest product developed by our company in the S series. It is portable, stylish and elegant; fast charging. It adopts car-grade lithium iron phosphate battery, which is safe, reliable and durable; suitable for aerial photography drones, portable ventilators, medical equipment, mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, desktop computers, small printers, various lamps, small fish tanks, Photographic equipment, electric balance unicycle and other equipment are convenient for users to use for home travel, outdoor work, camping picnics, mountaineering adventures, etc.

S3 Features

S3 portable power station details
  • Salida de hasta 16 dispositivos
  • Función UPS
  • Fast Charging 1.5 H to 100%
  • Batería extra a 10.08KWh
  • LiFePO4 Batería 3600 + Ciclos
  • Carga PV
  • Salida de CA de onda sinusoidal pura
  • Control inteligente de APP
  • 7 Sistema de gestión de protección
  • Aceptar OEM y ODM

Especificación técnica

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Portable power stations are popular for their ability to provide reliable and convenient power on the go, especially during the summer months when more people go camping, and that’s not all, as temperatures are rising year by year for a number of reasons Part of it is caused by environmental pollution, and the solar portable power station has zero pollution and can replace those power sources that emit waste gas and pollute the environment.

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