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Product features of four portable power station companies

As power storage space and also solar energy generation come to be a lot more usual, off-grid living will come to be a lot more usual. Industry research business Technavio estimates that by 2019, the need for solar generators from off-grid links will reach 388 million united state bucks.

Technavio additionally commented that the Americas control the international solar generator market with a market share of 44%. Throughout the projection duration, the off-grid link section will remain to dominate the marketplace, with a share of approximately 86% as well as a compound yearly development price of 8%. The main motorists of need for these mobile solar off-grid generators consist of freedom from the utility grid, recognition of the environment adjustment crisis, tax motivations, and also use during emergencies/power shortages in rural work environments or greenhouses.


Souop was established in 2020, invested by Shenzhen Weled Power Technology Co., Ltd. (WeledPower), specializing in the promotion and sales of new energy products at home and abroad, such as portable power stations and solar panels. There are 600W, 12000W, 1800W, and 2400W (2400W is currently in the development stage, so stay tuned).

  • LiFePO4 battery has thermal and chemical stability, which can improve the safety of the battery
  • High-conversion solar charging technology allows your device to be powered by free solar energy
  • Output up to 8 to 10 devices, at least three charging methods
  • Lightweight, foldable design, easy to carry, suitable for any outdoor travel and activities

We have also analyzed Amazon product shopping categories, you can also compare the following three companies.


GoalZero was founded by Robert Worker. After going to the Autonomous Republic of Congo (DRC) as well as seeing the requirement to aid people do away with hardship, he introduced TIFIE Good samaritan (to instruct specific and also family members freedom through ventures). His motivation is to show citizens just how to run sustainable companies in their communities and encourage them to leave destitution. GoalZero manufactures mobile power products, solar panels and kits, illumination as well as other devices. The objective absolutely no 22004 Snowman 150 solar generator with a rated power of 4 points as well as an assessment of greater than 240 factors is the product of an example from GoalZero.

  • Make use of the built-in air conditioning inverter to power laptop computers, lights, and smartphones wherever you need it
  • Practical pop-up take care of and stackable shape for easy portability
  • Promptly refuel from the wall, vehicle or the sun; on-board chargers and also solar battery chargers are offered separately
  • Includes 2 amp USB socket, 12 volt result as well as 80 watt air conditioning inverter


RavPower specializes in changing laptop batteries as well as air conditioner adapters, exterior battery power financial institutions, substitute mobile phone batteries and different battery chargers. The RAVPower 15W solar battery charger is an example of its products. The item was rated 4.5 celebrities as well as has greater than 670 evaluations. Product functions consist of:

  • High-conversion solar billing innovation permits your device to be powered by totally free solar power
  • Two ports, maximum 3A complete outcome, can bill two devices at the same time
  • iSmart modern technology guarantees 100% compatibility as well as the fastest billing rate for your tool
  • Collapsible style, very easy to carry, appropriate for any outside traveling as well as activities
  • Water-proof and mildew immune nylon, can hold up against all weather


Renogy offers solar panels for houses, businesses as well as mobile homes. Among their instance items is the Renogy 100-watt 12-volt monocrystalline collapsible solar traveling bag (189 rated it as 4.5), and its features include:

  • Adjustable corrosion-resistant aluminum bracket, durable deal with and lock for prolonged life
  • Charge controller with LCD show as well as fully flexible specification settings
  • Battery alligator clip for simple connection
  • Low voltage system prevents electric shock danger

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. When we sell products, we look at precise users. Only when customers have such needs, will they have the desire to buy. The Souop is very suitable for short-term power outages, travel, and camping. More importantly, the Souop portable power station supports solar charging, which can be used while charging. If you are our distributor, this will be your good sales direction.

If you have any intention in this regard, please feel free to come to cooperate with us.

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