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Portable Power Station vs Traditional Generator

A generator is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electricity. It is driven by a water turbine, steam turbine, diesel engine, or other power machinery, and converts the energy generated by water flow, air flow, fuel combustion, or nuclear fission into mechanical energy and transmits it to the generator. This is then converted into electricity by a generator.

A generator is an emergency tool for outdoor construction, field activities, and emergency power outages. The power supply of the generator uses diesel, gasoline, or natural gas as fuel, and generates electric energy through the high-speed operation of the engine, which is output through rectification and filtering. Especially in the absence of sudden power outages, many dining places, or some public places, such as hospitals, schools, outdoor construction sites, etc., have generators to generate electricity for needed equipment. However, such generators are not convenient for personal mobility and portability. These generators are mainly used for commercial purposes.

Nowadays, as outdoor activities become more and more popular, more and more electronic devices cannot be used outdoors, and chargers cannot charge all electronic devices. That’s why there are outdoor portable lithium battery generators, also known as portable power stations. It greatly facilitates people’s travel and solves people’s outdoor electricity demand.

Portable power station

But what’s the difference between a portable power station and a traditional generator?

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  1. The principles of the two generators are different. Traditional generators use diesel, gasoline, or natural gas as fuel, generate electrical energy through the high-speed movement of the engine, and then output it through rectification and filtering. The portable power station is mainly a lithium iron phosphate battery to store electrical energy and turn on the power-on control button. Using traditional generators is more complicated, and it is necessary to learn how to use them correctly.
  2. Different uses. Traditional generators are mainly used for outdoor construction, field activities, and emergency power supply. However, portable power stations are primarily for personal use, such as outdoor camping, outdoor leisure office, outdoor emergency power supply, etc. It is lighter than traditional generators, and people can use it in different places, such as gardens, and outdoor camping, and when the power is cut off at home, they don’t have to stay in the office like before.
  3. Traditional generators are mainly used for high-power machines. At the same time, lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage power supplies have AC 100v~240v output, DC 12V output, and USB 5V output, which can be used for mobile phones, laptops, Ipads, and various small appliances. It can be used in mobile phones, laptops, Ipads, various small devices, mini fans, car refrigerators, and even respirators for patients with breathing difficulties. So it is convenient for many outdoor enthusiasts, so don’t worry about suddenly running out of power outdoors.
  4. The traditional generator is relatively heavy and generally needs 2 people to move it together; the portable lithium iron phosphate battery power supply weighs 1-5kg and is very convenient to carry.
  5. Traditional generators need to prepare fuel and carry them together. The gas produced not only pollutes the environment, but most generators are also mostly accompanied by noise. Going outdoors and camping can interfere with the relaxation of others. But the lithium iron phosphate battery power itself is generated by the battery, and the lithium-ion battery has passed the Rohs certification, which has no pollution to our environment and no annoying noise. If you are worried about running out of power, we can charge it in the sun through solar panels. Lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage power supply can support solar panel charging.

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