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LiFePO4 solar generator-SOUOP portable power station

Solar generators are important backup power sources for various indoor electric home appliances and outside traveling. They are light as well as light, enabling you to charge numerous digital tools through solar power. Extra importantly, they are environmentally friendly as well as, unlike conventional generators, do not require you to prepare a great deal of gas at any moment.

This short article reveals you a brand-new type of solar generator-LiFePO4 solar generator. what is that? What is it for?

LiFePO4 solar generator

Why pick LiFePO4 solar generator?

There are many reasons why you must choose LiFePO4 solar generators. Nonetheless, one of the most essential of these is the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 batteries have substantial advantages, including boosted discharge effectiveness, lengthy life, and also the ability to do deep cycles while keeping ideal efficiency.

LiFePO4 batteries have been around for a time. Nevertheless, till just recently, these batteries have ended up being an all-natural choice for many applications, consisting of the solar market.

Gradually, they provide even more energy as well as a longer life process, making them the best investment for you, and if you think of the long-lasting, they are a great option.

Other factors you should think about using this solar generator consist of:

1. Performance

Compared with average lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 solar generators have a longer service life. LiFePO4 batteries can run flawlessly for 7-15 years and have a lifespan of up to 2500 years.

2. Safety

LiFePO4 battery has exceptionally steady chemical buildings, so it can be made use of safely. Also in harmful circumstances such as fire, short circuit, or accident, these batteries will certainly not blow up. On top of that, you can use up their complete ability without stressing over explosions.

3. Climate resistance

Under severe weather, both lead-acid batteries and also LiFePO4 batteries will certainly shed ability. However, compared to lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 batteries have really little energy loss. At -20 degrees Celsius, your LiFePO4 battery might keep approximately 80% of its ability, contrasted to 30% when utilizing AGM batteries.

4. Light-weight

Typically, lead batteries are nearly four times larger than LiFePO4 solar generators of the same ability. For example, a 150Ah lead-acid battery considers approximately 50 kg, while a lithium iron phosphate battery of the same capacity weighs only 15 kg.

5. Fast charging

Although LiFePO4 batteries are billed quickly at the same rate as 100%, lead-acid batteries need time to take in the last 20% of their power.

Recommended Products

SOUOP is among the market leaders in power station production. SOUOP solar generator personifies our technology and benefits in the mobile power supply industry.

600W Estación de energía portátil

1200W Estación de energía portátil

1800W Estación de energía portátil

600W Portable Power plant: furnished with 595Wh battery, 600W constant AC inverter as well as 8 outcome ports.

1200W Portable Power plant: outfitted with 992Wh battery, 1200W continuous AC inverter, and 10 result ports.

1800W Portable Power Station: outfitted with 1448Wh battery, 1800W constant air conditioner inverter, and also more than 10 outcome ports.

These power plants can provide power to several tools as well as electric home appliances at the same time for a long period. Easy to bring, you can likewise take it out for an outing at any moment.

These unique power plants are unique in several methods. First of all, they are among the few power plant on the planet with built-in LiFePO4 batteries. They also sustain solar charging, although you can additionally use solar energy to save electrical energy outdoors.


LiFePO4 solar generator describes a gadget that works with solar panels to accumulate solar energy as well as shop it in the battery.

The tool after that utilizes an inverter to transform the kept energy. Solar generators are the very best method to create electrical power because they supply safe, tidy, as well as practically free electrical energy.

There have been lots of enhancements in the solar energy market recently, and also LiFePO4 batteries are among them. Compared to lead-acid batteries, these batteries give far better as well as much safer power. Since these batteries are usually lightweight, solar generators are easy to lug.

Yes, LiFePO4 is a more efficient battery utilized for solar generators. It carries out much better than most batteries and is not as heavy. Plus, it takes less time to bill.

No, the term Lithium-ion describes batteries that feature LiCoO2. Typically, LiFePO4 batteries have 4 to 5 times a lot more battery life processes than Lithium-ion batteries; in addition, LiFePO4 batteries are safer to use.

If you are trying to find state-of-the-art solar generators that can deliver the appropriate power, you should take into consideration using our products. All of our items are durable as well as constructed to stand up to the examination of time. We have the best solar system products, including generators as well as photovoltaic panels that stand out because of their premium quality.

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