Electric Car Charging Can’t Keep Up With Demand – Solar Generators To Solve

portable power station charge tesla
portable power station charge tesla

Whether it is electric vehicles or solar generators, they are all abundant items in this era, because the sustainable development of clean energy is what we want to pursue, and paying attention to the environment is something we cannot ignore at the moment. There’s no denying that EVs are the future, but for now, a lack of EVs and factory charging points is holding back that revolution.

Governments in some countries plan to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and hybrid vehicles by 2035. This is part of the goal of achieving net zero carbon by 2050. This is undoubtedly a laudable goal, but unfortunately, it is not supported by the infrastructure needed for a radical policy like this.

More Cars Need More Chargers

A study by insurance company Zurich found that there are around 720,000 electric cars on UK roads, around two-thirds of which are registered to companies. Sales of electric vehicles jumped 76% last year, from 108,000 in 2020 to 190,000 in 2021, according to the Association of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. What’s more, the numbers look set to grow significantly, with OFGEM reporting that a quarter of people plan to buy an electric car within the next five years.

However, despite a 76% increase in sales, charging infrastructure has only grown by around 31%, leaving many companies struggling to find suitable charging points. On average, there is only one public charging point for every 56 small businesses, which can vary widely by region. In Greater Manchester, there is only one socket for every 237 businesses, while across the North West there is an average of one charger for every 70 SMEs.

Huge Shortage

There are currently over 28,000 public EVC charging points in the UK, less than a fifth of which offer fast charging. The UK Climate Change Council estimates that the UK will need around 325,000 charging points to accommodate new electric vehicles by 2030, but at current growth rates only around 77,000 will be available.

The shortage of charging piles is partly due to a shortage of raw materials such as lithium due to changes in the market during the pandemic. However, this has not stopped some of our European neighbors from pushing forward. The Netherlands has more than twice as many EV charging stations as the UK, while Germany has one and a half times as many.

Not only is this an inconvenience for businesses, but it also means that many will miss out on the cost savings and environmental benefits that electric vehicles and factories can bring. However, there is a solution that not only makes these benefits more accessible but also increases the environmental impact by harnessing clean, renewable solar energy.

Solar Electric Vehicles and Plants Solar Generator Charging

Solar electric vehicles and solar generators are flexible, portable solutions. These solar generators can be powered off-grid and powered by solar generators without complex foundation works.

As you would expect from an electric vehicle, these units also benefit from intelligent energy monitoring in the future, allowing you to get the most out of your energy supply in the most efficient and effective way.

The Future of Electric Vehicle and Solar Generator Charging

As mentioned above, electric vehicles are very much the future of transportation. However, you don’t have to wait for that future to arrive to enjoy the many benefits. At SOUOP, we are ready for the electric vehicle revolution, and you can join us now, charging with state-of-the-art solar generators that are portable and easy to travel with for emergency charging.

Whether you are a retailer or an individual, it is a wise choice for you to join our brand. Solar generators are products that conform to the development of the times. There is nothing wrong with joining it. We also support customized services, whether it is the logo, shell color, or packaging, we can tailor it for you.

For more detailed information, please pay attention to our product page, or send a message to our email to tell us your needs: info@souoppowerstation.com.

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