2400W Solar Generator

SOUOP 2400W solar generator is an integrated combination of 2400W portable power station and solar panel, which can store solar energy anytime and anywhere to maintain power supply. Compared with other SOUOP products, the 2400W portable power station has a larger capacity, and can support the normal use of high-power electrical appliances whether indoors or outdoors, and is set with a binaural handle. It doesn’t interfere with transportation.

  • 2400W portable power station + Solar Panel
  • 2400W 2232Wh large capacity power station
  • BMS management system
  • High quality LiFePO4 battery
  • Cycle charge and discharge 2500+
  • Charging cycle and high temperature resistance
  • Powerful output up to 14 devices
  • Accept OEM and ODM


[2500+ charge cycle & high temperature resistance]: SOUOP portable power station uses environmentally friendly materials, does not contain harmful heavy metals, and does not produce polluting gases. Using LiFePO4 battery pack, it can be recharged 2500+ times, the fire rating is UL94-V0, and the operating temperature is 14-149°F (-10~65°C). Has high security and stability.

[Up to 14 units can be supplied at the same time]: SOUOP solar generator set has high output power and can power 14 devices at the same time, with a capacity of 697500mAh. Fully meet your travel recharge needs. And the SOUOP outdoor solar power station super algorithm intuitively reminds the user of the remaining working time. And the portable charging station has three charging methods: 1) AC wall socket; 2) Solar panel; 3) Car socket.

[The most reliable emergency power supply] :Industry-leading safety and reliability. Each portable power station has been tested for reliability and safety. The management system (BMS) provides comprehensive protection to provide you with over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection to ensure the safety of you and your equipment.

Technical Specification

2400w portable power station with 4 x 220W solar panel

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