100W Solar Panel

The SOUOP 100W solar panel can be folded and bundled for easy carrying and use. It can make full use of sunlight and convert sunlight into clean energy. By cooperating with SOUOP 600W Portable Power Station, solar energy can be stored in a LiFePO4 power station, which can charge all devices. It can be a solar generator system for backup power and off-grid power.

  • Solar cell:Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Foldable/Portable
  • Environmentally friendly / No gas / Quieter / Cost-effective
  • Accept OEM and ODM


[Efficient conversion]: High conversion efficiency solar panels, conversion efficiency up to 20%, with SOUOP 600W or 1200W, you can get your solar generator set. Suitable for outdoor adventure or emergency backup after power outage.

[Lightweight and durable solar panel with bracket]: Foldable design, easy to carry, weight only 3.6kg. Use the built-in bracket to adjust the angle, the angle can be adjusted at will.

Technical Specification

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