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S5 portable power station is a product of our newly launched S series. It can be charged in series to maintain sufficient power continuously. It is equipped with an APP to control the output of the product. It has wheels and a pull rod, which is easy to move and carry.

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S5 station

Portable Power Station Fast Charge S series

S series products are the latest energy storage power supply launched by SOUOP, which are more suitable for high-power electrical appliances and household use.

Portable Power Station Basic UPP series

SOUOP has a series of solar powered portable power stations designed to improve mobile and outdoor living by providing electricity anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

Solar Generator

The SOUOP solar generator will be used as a power station combined with solar panels. It is a reliable power source for people and cars, or a backup power source when electricity is off.

Solar Panel

SOUOP portable solar panels can be paired with power stations to provide endless, high-efficiency solar energy, simple and convenient.

Carrying Bag

SOUOP carrying bag is made of four layers of insulating, sturdy, tear-resistant, and waterproof outer material, with padding to keep your power supply away from dust, moisture, scratches, and damping.

Roll Cart Use with Portable Power Station

The SOUOP roller cart with portable power station is easy to move and can be operated with one hand. It is suitable for all SOUOP portable power stations and can accommodate a maximum of 2400W portable power stations.

Application scenarios

Portable power stations can be used to provide power for mobility devices, caravan, camping, uninterruptible power supply, critical power, personal power packs, medical equipment etc. Off the grid can also be electricity free.

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Shenzhen Pordie Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the continuous R&D and innovation of distributed energy storage products and microgrid technology. We serve our customers with complete project design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of residential/commercial photovoltaic energy storage systems, portable energy storage or DC energy storage solutions. We have promoted ourselves as one of the major manufacturers in the energy storage industry.

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13 years of factory experience, with a R&D team of more than 40 people.

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Strict quality inspection team – products have undergone multiple inspections and tests.

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Fast delivery-sample 2 days- bulk order 30 days.

Customized Service

We support OEM, ODM or other customized services.

Unique Product

Unique design with patent protection.

Remarkable Service

We provide the best quality service.


High-quality products, strictly controlled, and obtained CE, FCC, PSE, UN38.3, MSDS, UN38.3 and other certificates.

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